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  1. norbi76

    Mac mini with external GPU

    Hi all! Is it possible to render edited video with Mac mini connected to external graphics card via thunderbolt? Thanks!
  2. norbi76

    INeed help - Nvidia Geforce GTX650TI not working

    Hi guys! I just bought an Nvidia Geforce GTX650TI graphics card and I cannot boot with that! Anybody can help to solve this problem? I read a lot and tried many things.....not working! My system Gigabyte-Z68X-UD3H-B3 16GB RAM OS 10.7.5 Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 TI 2GB PCI3.0 Thanks!
  3. norbi76

    DSDT from USB

    Hi guys! Can anybody help me how to copy DSDT from USB in single user mode? Accidently I have checked the bootloaders when I updated the UEFI to get audio back and now can't get through the bootscreen not even single user mode! is it possible to copy DSDT from USB? Fortunately I have saved to...
  4. norbi76

    new video card

    Hi guys! May be some one of you can help me to choose the proper video card! I'm still using the integrated video device and now I have chance to get a nice video card! I'm using adobe cs5 and final cut pro studio 3 so I will need 2gb card! Any suggestion where and what?
  5. norbi76

    adobe cs5 final cut studio 3

    Hi guys! Does anybody know adobe cs5 and final cut studio 3 run under Lion 10.7.5.! I'm using 10.7.4. currently but I wanna update! I didn't find any thing about it! Thanks!
  6. norbi76

    adobe cs5 - final cut pro

    Hi guys! I'm using adobe cs5 and final cut pro studio 3 on my hack under 10.7.4.......anybody knows I can use these programs under 10.7.5.? Thanks!
  7. norbi76

    mountain lion on asus x401 pc laptop

    Hi guys! Anybody knows how to install mountaion lion on asus x401 pc laptop?
  8. norbi76

    mac os lion on asus laptop

    Guys! Anybody knows how to install mac os lion on asus x401?
  9. norbi76

    lion on asus laptop

    Hi guys! I need some help! does anyone know it is possiple to install lion on asus x401 laptop? thanks
  10. norbi76

    graphics card

    Hi guys! I need your help to choose the nice graphics card! I wanna use it to edit videos and pics with 2 monitors! Ive been checking many sites but didnt find good one on good price! can anyone help?