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  1. walkerj57

    Unable to complete final stage of Mojave Install

    Hi Helpers I recently attempted to re-install Mojave on my machine because I was getting no-where with Audio. Unfortunately this has produced a result where the Clover installer fails at the last step of installation. I have attached the config.plist, the kexts, and the photos of the verbose...
  2. walkerj57

    Switching from NVIDIA 1050ti to AMD RX 580 for Mojave

    Just switched to Sapphire RX 580. Then upgrade to Mojave. Went off without a hitch. Everything works.
  3. walkerj57

    UniBeast: Install macOS Mojave on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Have just replaced my NVidia Graphics card with Sapphire Radeon 580. Upgraded to Mojave. Everything worked first time.
  4. walkerj57

    After 10.13.6 Update, Crashing After Login

    Hi Folks After months of solid operation, my High Sierra machine has started to crash a few moments after successful log-in. I am suspecting the latest upgrade to 10.13.6. Machine will work in safe mode, but then Nvidia graphics not working. I've copied the panic report below. Looking for...
  5. walkerj57

    High Sierra Install Kernel Panic GA-Z270N-Wifi

    Tons of reading and research. Have reached partial success. Decided to go back to Sierra. Bought new USB. Reinstalled SSD, GTX 1070 card. BIOS, UNIbeast. First Clover Screen reached successfully. Multibeast with minimal changes. Build and reboot successful. Second iteration of Clover Screen...
  6. walkerj57

    High Sierra Install Kernel Panic GA-Z270N-Wifi

    Hi I have uploaded a number of screen shots. The last is a slo-mo movie because the screen scrolled so fast I couldn't capture the stills. The sequence of the photos is in the file name. The sequence starts with IMG_1612 and finishes with Unfortunately I'm unable to upload the...
  7. walkerj57

    High Sierra Install Kernel Panic GA-Z270N-Wifi

    How do stop the screen from scrolling? I would have to take a movie to capture it all?
  8. walkerj57

    High Sierra Install Kernel Panic GA-Z270N-Wifi

    Hi folks I've built 2 machines in the past with success, but have hit a wall with High Sierra. GA-Z270N-Wifi Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB i5-7600 3.8Ghz I've removed Nvidia graphics card, Samsung SSD, Seagate HD and the Wifi antenna that came with the MB. I've got the USB installer OK, I can see...