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  1. deeveedee

    Macpro 5,1 cold-boots on wake from sleep

    I saw Slice's explanation of the origins of AptioMemoryFix in another forum and now understand that EmuVariable driver does not need to be added to CLOVER legacy.
  2. deeveedee

    Thinkpad X230 Fn Brightness Keys

    I know this is an old thread, but this patch suggested by @RehabMan also works for the Thinkpad T61 / Nvidia NVS 140m. Once the patch is applied, the Fn-Home and Fn-End keys adjust brightness in High Sierra 10.13.6 and Mojave 10.14.5.
  3. deeveedee

    Macpro 5,1 cold-boots on wake from sleep

    I have seen others fix the "reboot on wake" problem by installing CLOVER boot loader driver EmuVariableUefi-64.efi. I am using CLOVER in legacy boot mode. Is there an equivalent driver (equivalent to EmuVariableUefi-64.efi) for legacy boot mode (to be installed in the CLOVER/drivers64 folder)?
  4. deeveedee

    A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Custom USB SSDT

    @UtterDisbelief - outstanding guide (even for someone like me who hacks old systems). I learned a lot by reading and wish I had discovered it sooner before learning a lot the hard way through trial and error. I am using -no_compat_check to allow High Sierra and Mojave to run on a laptop...
  5. deeveedee

    [Guide] Native Power Management for Laptops

    Sharing my own lesson learned: I'm working on my 4th hackintosh and have found consistently across all platforms that native power management is best achieved by choosing the Mac Model that most closely approximates the hardware and also by choosing the closest AppleLPC.IONameMatch. For...
  6. deeveedee

    [Guide] Creating a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

    @RehabMan Would it be possible to request the addition of MacBookPro5,1 to USBInjectAll.kext/Contents/Info.plist? I am running High Sierra 10.13.6 (and Mojave 10.14.5) on my Thinkpad T61 emulating a MacBookPro5,1 (using CLOVER -no_compat_check). CPU Performance Management is better as a...
  7. deeveedee

    Mojave on Biostar TH55HD Socket 1156 / NVidia 9800GT

    Through trial and error, I learned a few things about USBInjectAll.kext and the custom SSDT-UIAC that make USBInjectAll.kext better than LegacyUSBInjector.kext. Specifically, USBInjectAll.kext combined with a custom SSDT-UIAC permits specification of internal vs external USB ports. I'm going...
  8. deeveedee

    [Guide] Creating a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

    @Feartech I figured out how to set the portType for ports off of the EHCx hub. Rehabman's SSDT-UIAC-ALL.dsl file includes portTypes for HUB1 and HUB2 at the beginning of the file. I never realized that these defined the portType for ports off of the EHCx hubs. My revised SSDT-UIAC.dsl...
  9. deeveedee

    [Guide] Creating a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

    EDIT - @Feartech - I agreed too quickly. I believe that usbConnector value for the hub should be 255 and the portType of each port (on the hub) should be either 0 or 2 (for external and internal respectively). In Rehabman's SSDT-UIAC-ALL.dsl example, he uses values of 0 and 255 for...
  10. deeveedee

    [Guide] Creating a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

    IORegistryExplorer indicates that the portType for Port 5 of my EHC1 Hub (EH01.PR11.HP15) is 0x00. According to Rehabman's USBInjectAll guide for creating a custom UIAC-SSDT, portType 0 is "a normal external USB2 port" even though this port is used by an internal Bluetooth device. I'd like to...
  11. deeveedee

    [Solved] Issues when enabling / disabling "change _OSI to XOSI" in Clover

    I'm just learning about the XOSI / _OSI override as I consider it for my Dell Latitude E6410. I noticed that your DSDT includes "Linux" as a possible OS identification, but your SSDT_XOSI.dsl does not include "Linux." Was this intentional? I'm curious - have you tried running with "Darwin"...
  12. deeveedee

    Should XOSI include "Linux"?

    I just learned about the XOSI patch (still learning) and suspect that this is a better way for me to implement OS Identification on my Dell Latitude E6410. My unpatched DSDT (attached) includes _OSI("Linux") calls, but I don't see "Linux" listed in Rehabman's SSDT_XOSI.dsl samples that I have...
  13. deeveedee

    10.14.5 Upgrade stuck at "RandomSeed"

    @kiwi-in-dc , I had this problem on an older laptop when I installed Mojave. Not sure of your situation, but the solution for me was to remove the battery and press/hold the power button for 30 seconds, reinsert the battery and boot. Sometimes I needed to repeat this before it would boot...
  14. deeveedee

    Dell Latitude E6410 Won't Sleep

    I discovered that the Dell Latitude E6410 DSDT has two places where variable assignments are based on the operating system. The "standard" CLOVER OS Identification patch addresses only the patch for Method (IINI) but leaves the Method (OSID) unpatched. I added this additional patch to Post #3...
  15. deeveedee

    [Guide] Using Clover to "hotpatch" ACPI

    I'm experimenting with CLOVER hotpatches for the first time after manually applying DSDT patches to my first 3 hackintoshes. I found a case where the "standard" CLOVER Darwin OS identification hotpatch is incomplete. In the Dell Latitude E6410 DSDT, there are two places where variable...
  16. deeveedee

    DSDT / AML question for Dell Latitude E6410

    EDIT: I observed this before learning about overriding _OSI with XOSI. The XOSI override might be a better way to handle the _OSI calls in the Dell Latitude E6410 DSDT. I'm still learning about XOSI and haven't drawn a conclusion. Interesting observation: Method (OSID) in the Dell Latitude...
  17. deeveedee

    Mojave on Biostar TH55HD Socket 1156 / NVidia 9800GT

    I reviewed the Intel Series 5 chipset spec and realized that I had the wrong device-ids for my EHCI devices and my SBUS device in the DSDT for my TH55HD. After correcting these, I didn't observe any difference in behavior (sleep or otherwise). These device-id changes are not reflected in files...
  18. deeveedee

    Mojave on Biostar TH55HD Socket 1156 / NVidia 9800GT

    I have updated Post #1 with my latest debug files for my Biostar TH55HD / Xeon X3450. This system is fantastic for a system where the motherboard was cheap in 2010 and the Xeon X3450 CPU was $20 on eBay (even cheaper now)! This system is rock-solid and is a pleasure to use. Since it's a...
  19. deeveedee

    Mojave on Biostar TH55HD Socket 1156 / NVidia 9800GT

    Interesting observation: My Biostar TH55HD BIOS has a setting that gives the option to "Report C3 as ACPI C2 or C3." The default is "Report C3 as ACPI C2" and I changed it to "Report C3 as ACPI C3." Now my overclocked X3450 appears to run cooler at idle according to HWMonitor (3-6 deg C...
  20. deeveedee

    What is the best MAC OS version for Dell Latitude E6410

    @WorldBosse Is sleep working on your E6410? It's the only thing I haven't resolved on mine.