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  1. zealious

    Please help me dual boot

    good day , Gigabyte mobo runing ivy bridge , I currently have a longtime install of Mavericks I think , or ml ... on a 120gb ssd Then I had windows 8 installed legacy style onto a separate ssd My windows pooped on me. And now with all the new bootloaders and windows 10 I’m looking for...
  2. zealious

    building a time machine... need advice on clarkdale

    good day... on the quest for a truly budget build I notice s large price drop on used clarkdale cpus' 20$+ could use advice from oldtimers that know best boards to use with this kind of build... im sure ddst is a must .. im finding ga h55m ud2 boards for 60$ but hope thats negotiable.. only...
  3. zealious

    used budget build.

    been looking at the best deals on used gear to build a super budget hack.. I already have case gpu psu HD just need a mb cpu and ram.. been looking at clarkdale cpu... is this silly? im finding 655k clarkdale for 20$ would something like a h81m board be compatible with this cpu?
  4. zealious

    z97 hd3 4690k r9 280x help pls

    good day.. im having problem booting into the installer. I seem to be getting a cpu kernel panic. its about 4 lines long.. any suggestions? tried -x and the usual stuff. weird thing is i was able to get the mavericks unibeast to instal with -x but now cant.. i dont think i...
  5. zealious

    Anything better than GIGABYTE?

    Ok guys so I just did a black friday splurge. devils canyon woot 50 bucks off 8gb ram 1/2 price 25$ off for using visa check out. 99$ worth of bundled games with i5 4690k Go me... SO i guess i need to buy some more parts. what I want to know , is there a mobo that has knocked...
  6. zealious

    5k iMac Lets talk about the GPU

    Ok so lets talk about this new imac. I already was thinking to my self.. no way any gpu fit into an imac can support that res screen.. Then I saw this. I am...
  7. zealious

    dstd help hp dv7

    good day, Trying to patch my own dsdt hard with SL and current patch tool only supporting ml. I reallllly need to get sleep working !!! I am running 10.6.3 its a older hp laptop dv7 -1175nr...
  8. zealious

    dvd burner not working in diskutility

    i have a sony optiarc and in system profiler it says burn support yes generic only but for some reason every time I put any kind of cd in I can not burn to it with diskutillity... any ideas? optiarc ad 7261s
  9. zealious

    little help from friends, 10.9.1 no wake, no apple tv

    Good day, Having issues with my hack i want to iron out. auto sleep works.. no wake. assertions looks good.. see below. other thing im really hazy on is getting my apple tv to work with airplay. I understand I need to have igp in boot.plist as yes and then enable my igp in my gigabyte...
  10. zealious

    Ultimate wifi and bluetooth card

    Ultimate ac wifi + 4.0 bluetooth OEM apple pcie card UPDATED I have the solution. UnTESTED. The goal is to make this product. for less than $120 You need a mini pci e to pci e adapter with...
  11. zealious

    Post up your favorite sd card reader

    HEY this could be fun. For some dumb reason I go through a lot of lame sd card readers.. Right now THIS is my favorite and most reliable sd card reader.. Id like to hear from you guys.. my dream is a nice eject style sd card reader. made of magnesium. haha.
  12. zealious

    Awesome new case screaming hack pro

    for all those thinking of doing a pro build since the announcement to the new mac pro I think I found the perfect case! ESPECIALLY if you are looking for a lot of HD space. then again at that price you could just go for a used g5 or...
  13. zealious

    storage wars.

    Hey hey fellow hacktoshers... so Im finaly running out of room on my hd and need advice... first off is a good deal...? it seems like it.. they...
  14. zealious

    Gtx 670 wont load

    Hey I have the vanila evega gtx 670 2gb gets stuck after dsmos arrives. I can boot hd4000 fine. Ive tried instaling the nvidia retailer drivers Tried re patching with latest MB graphicsenabler=no pcirootuid=0 .. im at a loss. Im not even seeing the geforce loading...
  15. zealious

    cant get 3570k to 4.5

    did i mess up? After seeing z77 d3h boards being recomended for the custo mac build and wanting a micro atx version I jumped on this GIGABYTE GA-Z77M-D3H-MVP paired with 3570k using a 120mm air cooler For...
  16. zealious

    z77 via vt2021 audio 10.8.2 works

    Good day. I was getting random voodoo hda kp after using MB to install the via vt 2021 on my z77m d3h . Also had bad sound quality, cracks and pops. Found out that the version on MB is not the latest voodoo. it is using 2.7.2 known to have issues on 10.8 ML using lazybon3's patch...
  17. zealious

    z77 usb 3 theory.

    I have the z77m d3h got everything working... even via vt2021 sound... what is, of course, not working (as with most z77 boards as i understand it) is usb3.. I believe It has the same etron ej168 as all the other gigabyte z77 boards. anyway... Looking at the z77 diagram i...
  18. zealious

    asus g73jh .. perfection?

    What is up awesome hackintosh comunity? I am contacting you today for help. Im sure some one around here can hook me up. i have used these resources as of now ... pic=250668 ... pic=261326...