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  1. Crystal_F

    Is it possible to get HDMI Audio + Onboard Audio on GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 working?

    Hi everybody, is it possible to get both working? Im on an GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 Motherboard and have an Nvidia 6xx Graphics-card which provides me with HDMi Audio. But i can not gat audio from the on board ports at the back audio jacks. Is there anything i can do? Thanks in advance
  2. Crystal_F

    SMBUp on ML 10.8.3

    Hello, could somebody get SMBUp working on 10.8.3? If yes can somebody tell what i have to do to get it working? Thanks in advance crystal
  3. Crystal_F

    Mini ATX Board wit WOL function

    Hey guys, i hope i'm in the right section for my question. I'm looking for an Mini ATX board with WOL function. Can somebody tell me which boards have WOL? I tried to find something related with google but had no luck to get the informations which i needed. Any help would be great...
  4. Crystal_F

    iMessage "call costumer support" fix

    Hi Folks, after trying the clover v2 and the chameleon fix for iMessage i am still getting this " call customer support" error message. What i have tried to solve this Problem: - installed latest Chameleon (r2172) and replaced FilenNVRAM.dlyb with new compiled - generated several...
  5. Crystal_F

    Creating DSDT for Z86c UD3H B3 Rev.1.3 UEFI BIOS to get HDMi Audio

    Hi everybody, i try to get HDMI Audio working. I have extracted DSDT from my system an patched it with the files from orilla. But the compile brings 3 errors. I dont know how to solve this errors. My graphics card is an Asus 680 dirct cu 2 top. I tried to save the DSDT to post it but i can...
  6. Crystal_F

    ML UniBeast problem with z68x-ud3h-b3

    Hello, i try to install ML on my z68x-ud3h-b3 but after booting from USB the installer stop at one point. A picture is attached. im using a Gigabyte ATI 6870 Graphic-card and an i7 processor. It would be fine if somebody could help me.
  7. Crystal_F

    Gigabyte 6870 need help getting HDMI AUDIO work

    Hy Guys, I'm trying to get HDMI sound working under lion. My board is z68x ud3h b3 with i7 2700. I wont to use the HDMI sound from Graphics Card Gigabyte 6870. I don't know where i have to make the changes in my dsdt. So i have atteched the clean dsdt and IOReg. In IOReg the connected HDMI...
  8. Crystal_F

    Z68X-UD3H-B3 DSDT Compile Error

    Hi Guys, I'm getting Error 255 when i try to compile my extracted DSDT. Have made the changes in the _WAK section described by tonymac. The message i get is: Error 4063 - Invalid characters found in file /Users/MaraSalvatrucha/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl...
  9. Crystal_F

    Need help with sound on MSI Big Bang Trinergy

    Hy folks, i got Lion running on my: MSI BIG BANG Trinergy P55 MSI Lightning ATI 5870 i7 880K System. The only thing wich is not working is sound. When i use vodoo the sound on front headphone is working. But i can not get the rear jacks working. I have tried installing the Realtek ALC889 with...