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  1. cybersimo

    450 G0, AR9280 problem

    I recently did a fresh install on it. I replaced the stock Ralink wi-fi with AR9280 (I only need the wi-fi and I ordered a separate BT 4.0 USB dongle). Everything was fine, I was using my home 5GHz connection. It was somehow slow to connect after reboot (around 10-20 secs), but then it was...
  2. cybersimo

    HP 450 G0 LCD replacement

    Hi, I got a new HP 450 G0 and I am looking for a Full HD LCD replacement. Anyone done it? Do I need a cable also?
  3. cybersimo

    Locked ProBook with Clover (locked with 4 digit code, asks for 6)

    Hi, I installed Mavericks with Clover on my 4330s and had it working for a few days. I also had Find My Mac set up and working properly. So I decided to test the lock feature from my phone. It found the mac, and asked me for a 4 digit code to lock it. I entered 0000 so I don't forget it just...
  4. cybersimo

    Looking for a new HP laptop

    I intend to buy a new HP laptop soon. But there are a lot of models to choose from. My only requirement is user-replaceable full HD display. So maybe 15" is a good choice. I found a lot of models with only HD graphics (I don't need descrete/switchable one). HD4000, HD4200, HD4400 and even...
  5. cybersimo

    4330 showing at 800mhz? (798) (i3 2310m)

    Hi, I have installed ML with latest Unibeast and used latest Probook installer from the other thread. I have chosen all the options I need and everything is working fine as it was in 10.7.4. However, when I go to About this Mac it says "Processor 800 MHz Intel Core i3" I am using 8,1...