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  1. kigger012

    Intel I225-V Connection issue!!

    I have Gigabyte z490 aorus ultra with intel i225-v and the network card works but has a connection issue. keep going in and out. I was searching on the web and found out that i225-v having a lot of issues. Does anyone having the same issue???
  2. kigger012

    Apple Boot Logo Freeze after MultiBeast Install Reboot.

    Hi All, Im having this issue with after installing MultiBeast. It freezes at apple logo. Here is my setup. OS: High Sierra 10.13.4 CPU: i7-6700k MB: GA-Z170X-UD5 RAM: GSKILL 64GB (16GB X 4) HD: Samsung 950 PRO 512GB NVMe Video: GTX 980 TI Here is the Verbose screenshot.
  3. kigger012

    Gigabyte Z77X w/ 3770K OC to 4.7GHz!!!

    Hi All! Finally got my system OC up to 4.7 GHz!! Here is the Geekbench Score
  4. kigger012

    Mountain Lion Install issue w/ i7-3770K Asus Maximus IV Extreme P67 board.

    The UniBeast 1.5.3 Mountain Lion 10.8 is not working my system. it goes to first apple log screen and then KP. I dont know what is the issue on it. Do anyone face the same issue? this is what i have. Asus Maximus IV Extreme P67 chipset Bios 3510 mod i7-3770K CPU EVGA GTX 660 2GB 16GB...
  5. kigger012

    *URGENT* DO NOT UPDATE the BIOS 3207 Original or Modified!!!

    Who ever us ASUS P8P67, DO NOT UPDATE the Bios on the motherboard. It will give you hell time!!! If you update then ur sound card will not work, SATA chipset will give u hard time (it laggs like crazy), and system is not stable at all!! Also who ever running dual boot dont do it! window will not...
  6. kigger012

    Help set up on Asus Maximus IV Extreme B3....

    Hi all, This is set up. i7 2700k Socket 1155 Asus Maximus IV Extreme B3 OCZ Agility 3 240GB SSD G.Skill 2x 8GB 1600 Ripjaws X EVGA GTX 570 i try to follow some of the steps in this forum, it installs but when i run multibeast and restart and shutdown is not working. also the it saids GTX 570...
  7. kigger012

    DSDT for Asus Maximus IV Extreme B3?

    Hi all, i dont know where to get the DSDT for this mobo? Asus Maximus IV Extreme B3. This is set up. i7 2700k Socket 1155 Asus Maximus IV Extreme B3 OCZ Agility 3 240GB SSD G.Skill 2x 8GB 1600 Ripjaws X EVGA GTX 570 i try to follow some of the steps in this forum, it installs but when i run...
  8. kigger012

    Need help installing Lion on Asus Maximus IV Extreme Z MOB?

    Hi, i have the Asus Maximus IV Extreme Z motherboard and try to install the OSX Lion and it installed but after installing DSDT using Multibeast 4.2.1 on the reboot up it stalled on the black screen. i used ur (NIGos) patched DSDT and it still on the black screen. on the first reboot it works...
  9. kigger012

    i can't get to work my GTX 550 Ti on 10.7.1~ need Help~~~

    hello guys, i have EVGA GTX 550 Ti 1GB and i can video card is working but i can't get the video card to recognized in the system info. some one please help me on this. i thank you in advance~~! -Tae
  10. kigger012

    GTX 550Ti

    hello all, i cant get to work my video card GTX 550Ti. im running 10.6.8 with MB 3.9.0. for the video card i installed retail version from nvidia web site. also i put the device id in NVDAGF100HAL.kext and its didnt work. and my is kind different this how it looks like...
  11. kigger012

    How do i make my video name show on system info?

    rite now im using EVGA GTS 450 video card and its working fine. but on the system info section it said "unknown NVidia display video card" how do i fix this, so that it recognize the video card. if any one use this video card and had same problem but fix, please help me out on this. thanks~~~~...
  12. kigger012

    not showing graphic card info?!?!

    i have evga geforce gts 450/1gb but on the system info graphics/displys, it saids unknown nvidia card and chipset modle: unknown nvidia card. also vram: 0 mb.... but its working some how. some one help me to fix this issue. thanks.
  13. kigger012

    keep asking me to restart on install....

    i have EVGA GTS 450 and it still dont work with new iboot. it keep telling me to restart and reinstall. so i don't whats going on. this is what it tells me... is it b/c i don't have usb keyboard or some? some one help me whats going on....
  14. kigger012

    video card support?

    does new iboot support nvidia gts 450 video card??
  15. kigger012

    Install Problem

    hello Tony, please help me on this. every time i try to install the OS X it ask me to "hold down the power button and restart the computer" why is it doing that. i used iBoot to boot the computer. i was using Asus P7P55D Pro install guide on the web site.