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  1. kevamb

    Dell Inspiron 7537 issues - no sound and blank screen

    Hoping Rehabman can help a little here System is i7, HD 4400 (with GTX 750m disabled) and ALC 283. I had got sound working but then it stopped and that was without any changes, tried all the usual fixes but no luck Plus I have to close and open the laptop screen to get a picture after...
  2. kevamb

    Updated to 10.10.2, stuck at boot screen!

    I've just updated to 10.10.2, was using the config.plist for Intel HD4400 at 1366x768 resolution, now I get stuck on boot screen. Do I need a new config.plist? (Running on a Dell 3542 with Intel HD 4400 (with NVidia 840M disabled)) Many thanks.
  3. kevamb

    Dell Inspiron 3542 SUCCESS HD 4400 w/GTX 840m Yosemite/Clover build

    Big thanks to Rehabman & Toleda for their guides in getting here While I won't go into specifics of the install process I recommend using the other guides out there to install Clover using UEFI interface Specs are as follows: Dell Inspiron 3542 A04 BIOS Intel i7 2.0 GHz (Haswell)...
  4. kevamb

    GA H61N-USB3 - issues with Intel HD 3000

    I've had no problems I installing the last few releases of OS X on my system H61N with intel HD 3000, but getting a serious number of issues with the graphics while installing 10.10. Using MB 7.0 doesn't seem to work even with the intel patches? Anyone with a successful build using this mobo...