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  1. indiandragon

    [solved] HDMI out on HD620 not working

    If there's no HDMI display out for intel HD620 & macOS reboots while switching HDMI; then check out the patch enabled in the config.plist posted by @krosseyed here [SOLVED] HDMI out on HD620 not working. Thank you @RehabMan & @krosseyed.
  2. indiandragon

    [Guide] Lenovo Z50-70/Z40-70/G50-70/G40-70 using Clover UEFI

    @the-braveknight Your script makes installation a breeze, in-fact it was useful for installation over other systems as well (of-course modifying for SSDT etc.). Kudos for implementing latest best practices (ALC, VirtualSMC etc.) with due credits for the respective developers. But there's an...
  3. indiandragon

    Radeon 6470m / 6490m Project

    Found something interesting here - She says she got her 7730m to work just by loading the VBIOS. Did anyone here try to load their VBIOS to check ?
  4. indiandragon

    Mavericks 10.9.2 on Lenovo G50-70

    Hi Rehabman, I’m planning to get this laptop, any info about Audio compatibility ? Codec seems to be Conexant CX20751/2 .