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  1. iraton

    Help with OSX el capitan on Samsung Series 7 NP700Z5AH

    Hi I am getting a kernel panic while booting, Config file: This computer has a discrete amd graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6750M Full...
  2. iraton

    HP Proboox 6x60b / 8x60p with AMD 6470M (sleep problem)

    Have anyone got sleep to work on a hp probook? Core i5-2520M Radeon HD 6470M HM65 Series Chipset So far everything works except sleep Am currently not coming back from sleep Thanks This might be usefull: Ioreg...
  3. iraton

    Aspire s3

    Anyone had succes? i am installing, will report back!
  4. iraton

    Help with graphic enabler

    Hi, My hackingtosh: Gigabyte Z97X-SLI /Core i5 4690 / 780 GTX / SSD I had a 580 gtx and upgraded to 780 gtx, reinstalled multibeast 7.0.1 without graphicenabler checked, but after boot screen goes off, only way to but is with boot arg GraphicsEnabler=No How can i edit the boot manually...
  5. iraton

    Z97x-sli alc 1150

    Hi Everything works except when it comes back from sleep there is no sound, can anyone help? mobo is Z97X-SLI gigabyte
  6. iraton

    [Success] Gigabyte Z97X-SLI /Core i5 4690 / 580 GTX / SSD

    Everything seems to be working, Lan, Sound, Graphic (played wow very smooth), cpu, etc will check if sleep works and post back geek bench throw a bit more score, but am doing stuff :) 4k Videos play smooth asf On install only thing i had to do was boot with flag: GraphicEnabler=Yes (spent...
  7. iraton

    Yukon 88E8040 kext mavericks please

    Hi I can't find it anywhere, does anyone knows how to make it work on mavericks? Tried the one around the forum with no succes, appreciate all your help Under linux says 88E8057