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  1. liposuction

    9-cell battery for the 4530s/4430s? *Update* Installed-PICS

    How do you like it? Does it sit the notebook up a bit? I see that the part number for the 6-cell battery that ships with both the 4430s and the 4530s is the same (633805-001) so I'm assuming the 9-cell will fit on the 4430s even though HP doesn't offer it on the parts store under the 4430s...
  2. liposuction

    So do I try an i7-2620QM in my 4430s?

    So do I try an i7-2620QM in my 4430s or what? I see they have one on Newegg. Will it fit? I see that HP offers the 2620M in the 4430s. Same form-factor etc. Thoughts? Ideas? I'd like to see what this 4430s can do! Thanks.
  3. liposuction

    newb question - 2nd drive BOOTMGR MISSING error?

    How do I solve this again? 2 drives. I actually installed Windows 7 on the other drive while it was in another ProBook, then popped it out and put it into a tray and into my ProBook's CD/DVD slot. Chameleon found the Windows disk but when I try to boot Windows I get the BOOTMGR MISSING error...
  4. liposuction

    Is there a preferred trim enabler for Lion?

    I've read a lot of FUD on trim on unsupported drives. I'm curious if there is a method of enabling trim in Lion that is preferred by folks around here? Thanks. :D
  5. liposuction

    Can we possibly add the 4430s?

    I'm not looking for any special help, as it's exactly like the 4530s. I just want people to understand that it is an option. Newegg even sells them for ~$500. I prefer the 14" because I don't need the 10-key and it feels a bit more portable. And thanks to blueking and everyone else it works...
  6. liposuction

    Thanks blueking!

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank blueking for his work on this notebook. There are lots of people that have done very valuable work on this project, but blueking always seemed to find time to reply to threads and questions, no matter how trivial they might have seemed. I know that with...
  7. liposuction

    Dell Latitude E6320 (E6420/E6520) - 10.7.1 running

    Notebook - Chipset: Mobile Intel® QM67 Express Chipset Proc: i5 2540M Video: Intel HD 3000 Thanks in advance for all the help everyone always gives on Tony's site. EDIT - 8-18-2011 10.7.1 is running, but I'm a huge noob at this so I will probably...