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  1. mindit

    System Freezes safari Video playback :(

    hi all i'm running 10.12.3 and System Freezes safari Video playback :( how can i fix that please help ???
  2. mindit

    Broken audio after windows 10 dualboot

    hi all i was running dual boot windows 8.1 +10.12.3 on my Dell 7537 and after i upgraded to windows 10 my audio seems to be no working please help me
  3. mindit

    No mic working after sierra update

    hello all !!! I have my Dell 7537 running 10.12.3 (updated via Appstore) which was running 10.11.6 perfectly with full functionality but after 10.12.3 update built in mic not working :(
  4. mindit

    cannot turn on WiFi/BT after wake from sleep(long time )

    hi all i'm having little problem here when i wake from sleep (about more than 30 min or longer) i cannot turn on wifi or BT ,i'm on latest kexts from rehabman !!! any ideas P.S::- if i sleep the system and wake again back just after seconds it doesn't happened (i want to say this happens when...
  5. mindit

    After restart from windows to osx sound ouput from speaker Gone !!!

    Hello there !!! i have a little problem here , If i restart from windows to OS X ,I'll lose audio out from speakers ,this doesn't affect for built in headphone out(it works normally) P.S:-Windows fast boot feature disabled,In bios legacy/UEFI mode enabled IF you guys have any ideas how to...
  6. mindit

    wifi drops connection for about 5-6 seconds and connects automatically (BCM4352) !!!

    hi there can anyone help me this situation occurre when i download something with my full speed most of time (may be after i newly patched DSDT? not sure) anyway i here attach my ioreg
  7. mindit

    [solved] no battery icon after new ACPI patch

    hi there i have applied Dell-Inspiron-15-7xxx battery patch and following guide [Guide] Patching LAPTOP DSDT/SSDTs [Guide] How to patch DSDT for working battery status but above battery patching guide seems to be complicated for person like me :( but if i boot with this # Force BAT0 device...
  8. mindit

    need support for fixing some errrors in dsdt

    hi there i'm getting this error in _L6D can anyone help !!
  9. mindit

    SSDT-HACK.aml & Clover hotpatches

    hello RehabMan !!! i had some time to read about your laptop guide and they are now using so called "SSDT-HACK".aml and no patched DSDT/SSDTs are used. along with clover hotpatches and i'm really like to hear more about from you RehabMan!! specially interesting things like this .....
  10. mindit

    support for create a port injector

    i have found this( guide and, after following that i got some knowledge about the usb properties of osx and the need of port injector, but i'm not clear about how to do it properly bcs in DSDT i...
  11. mindit

    [solved] no bt after sleep

    hi there !!! i have BCM4352 (Chipset: 20702A3) card for wifi and suddenly when it wake from sleep i have "no bluetooth available " in menu bar!!!! output of sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions && sudo kextcache -u / kext-dev-mode allowing invalid signature -67062 0xFFFFFFFFFFFEFA0A for...