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  1. zhell

    New Method for Enabling NVIDIA Web Drivers in Clover

    raketa, you mentioned that you are using the iMac12,2 system definition.... I was doing so myself and also was unable to get my GTX 960 working in Sierra, although it had worked flawlessly in El Capitan. I switched to iMac14,2 and my GTX 960 started working instantly after the next boot... why...
  2. zhell

    Gigabyte is working on UEFI-BIOS for Z68 & P67 (no 3D)

    I'm waiting for the update for Z68MX-UD2H-B3, it's one of the few that remain to appear. Have you upgraded your board yet? Any success getting Lion to run after the upgrade? I suppose the DSDT in the BIOS will change, hopefully to the better...
  3. zhell

    Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter

    I don't know about issues with sleep, but I do have this card and the same chipset as you and the card does NOT work properly with the Z68 chipset. It works for a few seconds, then stops. I mention this because it might be related to the specific chipset family (Sandy Bridge). See this post...
  4. zhell

    [GUIDE] Extract and Edit SSDT

    Very nice guide, thanks! For those who would like to dump all ACPI tables from Ubuntu, here is a little snippet that does the trick with the latest Ubuntu live CD (12.04). Prerequisites: You need the package 'acpidump'. To install this, proceed as follows: Open Terminal (e.g. from the Dash...
  5. zhell

    Unibeast freeze during install- AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement

    I don't have a solution, but the error nstat_lookup_entry failed: 2 definitely has absolutely nothing to do with your issues. In fact, that error indicates nothing, independently of whether you're on a Mac or a Hackintosh.
  6. zhell

    Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter

    I'm seeing the exact same problem. I have the following card: PCODE: EXPI930ICT Version: E39199-007 Date: 07/23/2011 Made in Thailand I had to edit the plist as described in the first post (Thanks to the OP!). The card works for a few dozen seconds, then stops responding. In the kernel log, I...
  7. zhell

    [SOLVED]Gigabyte 6850 Dual Screens GE=Yes with Duckweed

    With the latest Chameleon and "GraphicsEnabler=yes", you will have dual monitor support through the dual link (upper) DVI and DisplayPort connectors. If you need HDMI, I'm not sure you can get dual monitor to work. You'd specify "GraphicsEnabler=yes" and "AtiConfig=Lotus". But then I think the...