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  1. CmdrX3

    UHD 630 iGPU Temporary glitching on startup

    I have started playing around with the UHD 630 IGPU. I am using the Devices/Properties for it, however when the computer start it gives some weird glitching as if it's loading frames, it happen a little while still on the loading progress bar, then a lot when it boots into macOS. It only last...
  2. CmdrX3

    Clarification of FB Patcher over custom USB SSDT

    I have created a custom SSDT for my USB ports excluding the ports I don't require to get into the 15 port limit so I didn't need to use the 15 port limit patch. Someone asked for my usb SSDT which I provided however they said they sorted it using FB Patcher which gave him all the ports. I was...
  3. CmdrX3

    [Success] ASRock Z390 Extreme4 & i7 9700K

    ASRock Z390 Extreme4 Hackintosh Build ASRock Z390 Extreme4 Intel i7 9700K 16GB Corsair Vengence LPX DDR4 (8GBx2) Samsung EVO 950 250GB & 500GB SSD's Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1060 (Not used as I'm using the UHD 630 in Catalina) Several other SATA HDD's MacOS Catalina (updated from Mojave install...
  4. CmdrX3

    Compatible Wifi & BT Card for M.2 Key-E slot

    Hi, I have bought as ASRock z390 Extreme4 board. It has a connector for a hack compatible wifi card so am wondering which card will fit it. It supports both intel cnvi which I know is not supported, but it say it also supports key-e 2230
  5. CmdrX3

    Unibeast 9.0.0 Installs but no boot.

    I'm trying to create the installer for Mojave, I've tried several USB sticks and an SSD plugged into USB. I have no problems creating bootable sticks for all the previous MacOS versions (even Windows 10) but as soon as I try to create a Mojave stick with Unibeast it installs fine, however on...
  6. CmdrX3

    Should I bother trying to get USB 3 back

    I've seen various comments about this with conflicting information, and I would like to try and get my USB 3 back. It's a Series 5 motherboard (Legacy BIOS) with Renesas D720200 USB 3 ports. I know at one point in time it wasn't possible so I've never bothered going back to look at it as it was...
  7. CmdrX3

    [Success] i7 2600K, Gigabyte GA-P67A UD4 B3, MSI GTX 670

    Thought I'd throw some love and hope to the older hardware owners. Updated successfully from App Store on second attempt as the first attempt ended with "Installer Resources Were not Found". On the second attempt from a newly installed High Sierra, I disconnected all drives except the OS SSD...
  8. CmdrX3

    Do I still need the DSDT

    When installing using Multibeast, I have always put the DSDT file on the desktop, it just got to be a habit and I did it automatically, however the setting used to have the option for UserDSDT and it hasn't the last few versions. So do I still need to place the DSDT on the desktop when...
  9. CmdrX3

    [Solved] Which version of Multibeast

    I am reinstalling Sierra, so should I use the version for Sierra (v9.2.1) or is it ok to use the latest version for High Sierra (v10.1.1). The reason I ask is I don't actually know if Multibeast is OS version specific or the latest version incorporates the older OS versions as well. Normally I'm...
  10. CmdrX3

    What's After Mavericks

    So Mavericks is just around the corner, the jokes have been done and work is probably already underway on the next OSX version. So what will the next one be called. If I had one guess it would be OSX Redwood but my top three would be OSX Redwood, OSX Tahoe or OSX San Diego.
  11. CmdrX3

    Are we still required to fix permissions

    I just noticed that System Utilities/Repair Permissions option has been removed from Multibeast several versions ago (been using 4.6.1). I was under the impression that repair permissions was required every time a kext was changed, removed or installed. Is this no longer the case in Mountain...
  12. CmdrX3

    [SOLVED] Slipstream 10.8.1 Installation App to USB

    I created a Unibeast USB stick a while back and would like it updated. I read on one of the blogs about slipstreaming the latest version from the App Store. I have download the latest version (about 10 minutes ago) so now how to slipstream... do I just make a new USB stick using the latest...
  13. CmdrX3

    What to select in Multibeast after Apple updates

    I was just wondering what I need to select in Multibeast after running Apple updates. I'm not talking about after the initial installation but after one of the combo upates. Do I need to select UserDSDT & SSDT, boot options, system definitions etc again, or do I just need to select the driver kexts.
  14. CmdrX3

    Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4 B3 Success

    System: Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4 B3, i7 2600K, GTX 560Ti, 8GB DDR3 1600, Crucial M4 SSD 1. Clean Install: Created Installer with Unibeast for ML. Installation from USB went fine. 2. Options selected on Multibeast 4.6.1 UserDSDT Install (using tonymacs F6 version of DSDT) Repair...
  15. CmdrX3

    Chimera and booting problem

    I have a couple of problems, or more accurately annoyances that I just can't figure out. The first problem is to do with the chimera boot screen. When I go into the boot selection screen I get presented with the icons. I also get a lot of text in the top left of the screen that lists Darwin &...
  16. CmdrX3

    Difference between iBoot CD & HDD

    This problem is driving me nuts. I'm curious as to what is loaded by iBoot CD (legacy) and the HDD after Snow 10.6.3 is installed. I've installed from retail with no problems on a Toshiba Equium P300 16T, however if I boot using the iBoot CD, I have Audio, the trackpad and keyboard work fine...
  17. CmdrX3

    Timeout on Instant Menu in the Boot Options

    I like using the Instant Menu along with the Default & Hide Partition. I would also like to be able to use the timeout feature as well as the instant menu but it appears at the moment to be either/or in the boot options. To be clear, I want the Instant Menu to display and then a timeout period...