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  1. csat

    Big Sur Samsung ML-2160 (no-drivers)

    I have a previous computer ASUS MAXIMUS X Hero Z370 I7 RX580 which I have installed Big Sur 11.1. Everything is working fine but my Samsung Laser ML-2160 cannot be installed. Installation from System Preferences complains the lack of Drivers for the printer. Interesting to note that my second...
  2. csat

    Catalina and SuperDuper - how to use it?

    When I was using Mojave I named my hack SSD as OSX and it was easy to backup it using SuperDuper by choosing From OSX to foobar SSD external attached to an USB port. After upgrade my system to Catalina I've noticed two sources: OSX and OSX-data. Running SuperDuper and choosing OSX as a...
  3. csat

    Catalina no Bluetooth with Fenvi FV-T919. WiFi is working.

    Hi Hardware I am testing is a GA-Z170X, I7, RX-580. Updated from Mojave into Catalina. I have everything working except bluetooth. It is not recognized. It was working with Mojave. Thanks.
  4. csat

    Clover customization. How to prevent clover searching?

    My computer have two SSD M.2. One I have Windows 10 and the other, I have OSX Mojave. When I boot from Mojave it takes long time to prompt me to log in because CLOVER make a searching for everything that is installed. Is there a way to customize Clover in order to speed up its booting process...
  5. csat

    [Solved] How can I speed up booting time

    Hi I am using Mojave 10.14.2 and Clover 4769 installed by the latest Multibeast 11. My motherboard is a GA-Z170X Gaming 5, with 32 GB and RX-580. I am using a SSD M.2 Kingston SA1000 with 480 GB, iMac Model 18.3. When I turn computer on it takes about 20 seconds to call clover. When clover...
  6. csat

    Backup using SuperDuper from SSD 256 to SSD 500 File Format

    Hi I've installed Mojave to a 256 GB SSD and then I copied to a larger 500 GB SSD using SuperDuper. First SuperDuper copied all files from source to destination and, then, I mounted the source EFI partition and copied/pasted to the destination EFI partition. I noticed that the source SSD...
  7. csat

    [Solved] Mojave Audio only HDMI - No other devices found

    Hi I have updated my hackintosh to the latest Mojave yesterday and since then I am trying to make audio working. I've made it work only thru HDMI. Using DPCIManager I identified the follow: Audio Device 0x8086A170 0x1002AAf0 Sub Device 0x1458A0B2 0X1DA2AAF0 CODEC ID 0X10EC0900 CODEC NAME...
  8. csat

    [SOLVED] Clover timeout how to change

    Hi I have Yosemite installed to one HD and Windows 10 to another HD. Yosemite was installed using Clover guide and is working fine. My problem is that something has been changed because clover boot screen stays waiting me to click enter. Before such issue I remember there was a timeout that...