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  1. pahoran

    Please help me get my i5 3550 to work I can only boot CPUS=1 10.8.5

    ok thanks for the reply boss. i just cleaned install and booted to UB with cpus=1 and then i booted to OS 10.8.5 same with cpus=1 and i ran MB latest 5.5.2 for ML i think its the latest one on the downloads page. I only chose the No DSDT option and rebooted back and got KP then I was able to...
  2. pahoran

    Please help me get my i5 3550 to work I can only boot CPUS=1 10.8.5

    hi team i have ben breaking my head for seriously almost 2 months trying to get my system to work heres my specs ga-h77-ds3h i5 3550 Ivy Gigabyte gt 640 12gb ddr3 i have created a unibeast 10.8.5 install i have checked my bios according to BIOS guide settings I can only get to the...
  3. pahoran

    Cannot Boot without -x / unknown CPU model 0x3a

    I hate to bump this thread but im in a bit of a jam. I'm on a ga-h77-ds3h with a Celerom G530 and gt 640. Everything was working fine even sleep, until i swapped out the g530 for an Ivy Bridge i5 3550 and it wont boot saying the "Unknown CPU" error. I t wont boot with -x. I turned off vD-T and...
  4. pahoran

    ASRock H77M-ITX Owners Page

    hi im about to get this board since its on sale for only 59.99, im wondering if the dsdt can be edited to use a radeon 5450 with hdmi audio? its a dirt cheap build with a celerom g530 thanks
  5. pahoran

    Optimized AppleHDA for Realtek ALC 887/888b on Lion - Update

    Hi toleda, Im having trouble with Audio too on a ga-h61m-ds2 w/ alc887. I just did a fresh install on 10.7 then updated to 10.7.2 wat should I select exactly on mulibeast for audio only? I have everything else figured out. Btw im not using a DSDT. Thanks!
  6. pahoran

    GA-H61M-DS2 / ALC887 - Can't get audio to work in 10.6.8

    Can u post a screenshot of wat u actually selected in multibeast? Im on 10.7.2 on a ga-h61m-ds2 with alc887 audio and ant figure it out.. Any help appreciated!! Thanks!
  7. pahoran

    CustomMacMini from GoldenBuilds. Non graphics card works!

    try -v and see where it hangs. Also try -v PCIRootUID=0 or -v PCIRootUID=1 P0w
  8. pahoran

    Chimera 1.9 - Dual/Triple NVIDIA GeForce with Stock DSDT!

    hmmm not working for me OOB. I have a EVGA GeForce 210 1GB and a XFX 6670 2GB. My 6670 works but my 210 shows up as "Display" Im on Lion 10.7.3, on P9X79 w/ i7 3820 no DSDT. booting in -v says: NVidia ROM patching failed. any help appreciated.
  9. pahoran

    Huge News! Gigabyte UEFI Sleep/Wake with NO DSDT! [TESTING]

    Do u guys know if the Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3 should work? Not the micro ATX one (M3). I know audio and second LAN will not work but it's ok I can use Intel LAN and FireWire soundcard. I really want 4 PCI x16 slots, I can pair it with a 3770K. Any imput appreciated. P0w
  10. pahoran

    Intel Core i7 3770K + Gigabyte G1.Sniper3 - Will it work?.

    Hey I'm also wondering about this, looking to know if thus board will work fine WITHOUT the inboard Audio. I have a FireWire soundcard so Audio is no problem. I really want a board with 4 PCI x16 slots and this board is very nicely priced. Any help Gordo? Since Tony will be releasing a 2012...
  11. pahoran

    Apple Bluetooth in (pure) Windows 7 machine

    ah! great info man I really appreciate you taking the time to post this, I will build a dedicated HTPC and running windows and only to be able to bitstream DTS-HDMA and Dolby TrueHD. Its just too bad we can bitstream under OS X :thumbdown: Btw how are you liking that Asus X79 mobo? Im...
  12. pahoran

    Pro Tools HD 10.1.2 Build on Gigabyte X79 (Success)

    EDIT: it does have 1 old PCI slot. Are u sure is not PCIe X1 ? That board has no old PCI slots Let me re check... Can u list the specific model of those digi design cards? Thanks!
  13. pahoran

    Pro Tools HD 10.1.2 Build on Gigabyte X79 (Success)

    wow glad to hear the mentioned board is working. do u have multibeast screen shots and maybe some pics of inside of your case? congrats! P0w
  14. pahoran

    corneredbeast's build [P9X79 PRO | 3930K | XFX 6870]

    Beast of a build! Noob question, what do u need PowerManagementCPU for? Wats if for? Also how come the geekbench test is 32bit? Ur not running a 32bit system right? Congrats! :clap: P0w
  15. pahoran

    Asus X79 Rampage IV Extreme | Core i7-3930K (Successful)

    Dude!!! This is an INSANE BUILD! Makes me wanna sell my 2500K and one of my kidneys to get a set up like this!! Lol ;) Seriously thou Superb build man congrats! Btw how did you accomplish the stripped home folder? Im doin the same and i thought i was gonna be the 1st (here in the forum to do...
  16. pahoran

    DIY Fan Sleeving

    hmmm im surprised no one has replied to the thread.. :shock: Anyways, I personally found it very useful and I really appreciate you taking the time to create the thread and providing us with instructions. I am a n00b when it comes to sleeving so this will help me a lot :mrgreen: Thanks...
  17. pahoran

    Remove NVClockX? (Annoying)

    Ah ok. Well so from what you said at the thread above, you also need NVidiaClockX for the integrated HD3000 graphics not just actual Nvidia cards! Right!? In my current working system, I have it as a Mac Mini 5,1 with the proper kext edits to work with the built in graphics on my i5 2500k. I...
  18. pahoran

    Remove NVClockX? (Annoying)

    Thanks for the reply. Well we have a fairly close system setup, so what kexkts do u have installed? and which ones should I delete? I will be reinstalling Lion on my SSD so it would be awesome if you can help me out. Thanks :headbang:
  19. pahoran

    Remove NVClockX? (Annoying)

    Exactly! :o I have a msi 6870 that works oob but idk why that kext is installed! Does it get automatically installed by multibeast? everytime i boot -v it always shows NVClockX No Nvidia Cards found and it makes my boot time slower :banghead: