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  1. Micky1979

    How to remove Multibeast on a real Mac?

    How to remove Multibeast on a real Mac, if you select all the check boxes?? Simple, you should follow this: .......must wait for another solution.....:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  2. Micky1979

    Override EDID, for display problem

    Override EDID Forcing the display information, with the right ones New! Installer for notebooks, attached If you have problems with your monitor, such as incorrect resolution,artifacts, and freez, problems with the Dock that stopped, and the system that nails can be a useful groped to edit...
  3. Micky1979

    Ati HD6770m 6740:1002

    Hi MacMan, I tried hard to work my HD6770m. In Chimera 1.8 there should be this: { 0x6740, 0x1631103C, CHIP_FAMILY_TURKS, "AMD FirePro M5950", kNull }, { 0x6740, 0x3388103C, CHIP_FAMILY_TURKS, "AMD Radeon HD 6770M", kNull }, My bdmesg shows this: AMD Radeon HD Series 6700m 4095MB [1002:6740]...
  4. Micky1979

    USB 3 Problem on HP DV 6/7 SandyBridge

    Hi all, I have a problem with PXHCD.kext on my HP dv 7 laptop. The kext is loaded, but if you attack device OS crashes (but no Kernel Panic only locked) and I have to do a hard reset. The only way to work, is to put the system into sleep mode, disconnect the power supply (AC adapter) from the...
  5. Micky1979

    AppleHDA IDT 92HD81B1X5

    no more voodooHDA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: only AppleHDA IDT 92HD81B1X5 :thumbup: Work with codec id 111D: 7605 Special thank to: THe KING ages_sabres18 blueking toleda Andy In the attached picture you can see...
  6. Micky1979

    HP branded Intel HD3000 Mobile? (HP DV6-7 6xxx Sandy Bridge)

    Hi all, about a month ago I bought my new HP DV7 6190sl. I'm disappointed with the results. The point is that I can not find a way to start any of the two video cards (HD 3000 Mobile Intel HD + 2GB 6670m) At this point, after several attempts I would like to ask a question: After the...
  7. Micky1979

    slow startup lion 10.7

    Hi, following the guidance I have just installed Lion on my Notebook Asus x70i (Core2 Duo T6600 + Nvidia GT 220M GT (aka nvidia 9600M GT 1 GB) + Audio ALC662). I state that I have 3 partitions with windows 7 + Snow Leopard + Lion now, this is the problem: Lion at startup loads all the kext and...