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  1. lokicat

    10.12.4 x99 Broadwell-E Compatibility?

    Hi All, Thanks to all the dedicated folks in the community that make it possible to run x99 platforms on Sierra. I've had a stable running system with the i7-5820K for the last 2 years. I have also followed the Hackintosh mantra of "if it's not broke don't fix it". I am considering upgrading to...
  2. lokicat

    TP-Link T9E AC1900 Support

    Hi all, In my system I cannot get the T9E wifi card to work OOB. I installed the kexts from: And it's working now. However, I experienced a failed boot afterwards. Are there updated...
  3. lokicat

    Apple RAID is gone on El Capitan

    Well I guess I didn't get the memo but it is confirmed - Disk Utility no longer supports Apple RAID. If you have an existing Apple RAID array from Yosemite it will still mount in El Capitan. I've both installed direct upgrade from Yosemite to El Cap and fresh installation from a blank RAID array...
  4. lokicat

    Semi-New build question

    Hello, I currently have a working x99 system on Yosemite and a good ROM configuration in Clover where iMessage works perfectly. I was hoping for x99 support in El Cap, but that didn't happen and it may be a long time before the next OS X version will have it. Here is what I am considering...
  5. lokicat

    Clover Boot Loader only (No OS) Question

    Hi All, I was experimenting with Apple RAID on my Clover install and realize it's a pain to copy the EFI folder to each RAID drive and I assume anytime I want to run Clover config, I have to do that to each drive. Then I came up with an idea. I have a m.2 slot on my x99 board and an 8 GB...
  6. lokicat

    Audio popping noise SOLVED

    Hi All, I've had a popping sound coming from my hackintosh since day 1 for the system in my sig. Today, I changed my system definition from Mac Pro to the latest iMac and viola! No more popping sound and music skipping in iTunes.