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  1. STiX_MAC

    OpenCore - Wake from sleep results in black screen and then KP

    Hello, i've been trying the past few day to transition from Clover to OpenCore with the help of the Dortania guides and i have got everything to work as expected except from the sleep/wake. While i was using Clover i didn't have any problem regarding waking from the sleep but since i moved to...
  2. STiX_MAC

    Laptop is heating too much

    hello, recently i installed macOS Mojave and used the same files from the High Sierra since they were ok to be used on Mojave but i'm having problem with the heat. My CPU and HDD is constantly on load for some reason, although i implemented power management, which result in too much heat that i...
  3. STiX_MAC

    No HDMI audio and port patch issues

    so i can't get the hdmi to work for some reason since the port is not changing to hdmi through the clover patches. attached files.
  4. STiX_MAC

    [solved] Can't update to 10.13.2, i'm getting KP

    so i'm trying to update to the latest version but for some reason i'm getting KP. I have the latest lilu so that's not the issue. According to the kernel log it has to do with the GPU. Here is the log: Anonymous UUID: 77769C3B-3663-450E-2E0A-E22B28AA0D8D Wed Dec 27 23:41:08 2017 ***...
  5. STiX_MAC

    [solved] No sound with AppleHDA injector

    i tried to patch my AppleHDA with a dummy kext from rehabman's script but for some reason i don't have sound although the symbol is there and the volume is changing but there are no inputs/outputs. I patched the HDEF and HDAU and i have the correct layout so i don't think that's the problem...
  6. STiX_MAC

    Sleep issues with hotpatching

    i moved from static patch to hotpatch and everything seemed to work except of couple of things, like the sleep. When i put my laptop to sleep i get instant wake and if i check the wake reason this is what i get: 2017-12-15 13:51:28.995101+0200 localhost kernel[0]: (AppleACPIPlatform) Wake...
  7. STiX_MAC

    Hotpatching issues

    I was trying the hotpatch method to patch my system but for some reason i get gIOScreenLockstate 3 which i assume it has something to do with the IGPU drivers not loading up. I used Rehabman's HP files as a reference to build my own SSDTs.
  8. STiX_MAC

    Battery status issues

    So i'm having a problem with the battery status which it freezes for some reason. For example now it shows 100% and charging but if i unplug the power it still shows that it's charging. This doesn't happen everytime but most of the times it does. Also it's draining too fast compared to windows...
  9. STiX_MAC

    [solved] Clover detects windows partition as legacy

    So, i'm trying to dual boot mac os high sierra and windows 10 on the same drive but i have a minor problem. First i installed macOS in gpt and then i went ahead and installed windows in gpt as well. But for some reason clover only detects windows partition as legacy instead of UEFI. Anyone...
  10. STiX_MAC

    HDMI issue with no video/audio output

    So i did the required steps to enable full HDMI support on my laptop but for some reason i can't get it to work. It doesn't even show up in the IOREG when i plug the cable. I patched the connector in clover too. I'm attaching the required files below.
  11. STiX_MAC

    CPU high temperature and lag

    So it came to my attention recently that my laptop became slower and laggy for some reason although i didn't change anything other than updating clover as usual. Also the cpu temperature is around 50-60 C and yes i have power management as far as i know and the HDD is also hot when i'm working...
  12. STiX_MAC

    Problem With Battery

    hi, it seems that i have a problem with the battery or something cause for some reason my battery is draining too fast. It can't hold for 2-3 hours without dying. I read the guide about patching my DSDT but i can't seem to find any EC fields in my DSDT. Currently i'm using only the ACPIBattery...
  13. STiX_MAC

    Advice on Samsung 850 EVO m.2 SSD

    hi, i don't know if it's the right section to post this but i really need some advice. So i want to replace my laptop's hdd with an ssd. At first i was going for the Samsung 850 Pro 512GB but after i read some reviews about the Samsung 850 EVO m.2 i thought "why not get that one instead of the...
  14. STiX_MAC

    [Solved] Broadcom BCM94352Z No Bluetooth Problem

    I recently got a bcm94352z card for my laptop since the one i had was incompatible. I followed toleda's guide and installed the required kexts and made the changes to clover's config. The wifi works without problem but the bluetooth not. I don't have a section in the preferences nor is showing...
  15. STiX_MAC

    [Solved] Sleep and display problems

    I have some issues with sleep on my hackintosh. Firstly when display goes to sleep my laptop restarts itself and this happens everytime display goes to sleep. Also i have sleep proplems when i put laptop to sleep. It shows that it goes to sleep(display is black) but the power button is not...
  16. STiX_MAC

    No sound after patching DSDT for HDMI

    So i had a working sound with patched applehda and i decided to patch my DSDT file to enable hdmi audio. I used toleda patches since it has my intel hd5500. Everything went smothly up until i rebooted. My sound was gone no output/input devices. I checked my DSDT file and the patches were correct...
  17. STiX_MAC

    [solved] No Sound with Patched AppleHDA

    So i've been trying for 3 days now to get my sound work with patched applehda but without luck. I used the applehda patcher from here: which already contains the patch for my audio codec, conexant 20576, but for some reason none...
  18. STiX_MAC

    Can't install El Capitan, stuck at boot screen.

    So i'm kinda new to this but recently i decided to install el capitan with efi clover on my toshiba laptop but for some reason i can't get past boot screen. I get the error 255 as well as the garbled screen. I followed this guide...