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  1. mucksavage

    EL Cap Disk Utility is terrible - alternatives? Need RAID support.

    What are people using now that Disk Utility has been paired back? Looked at SoftRAID but I'm not spending 179 dollars. Just need something to repair/create JBOD raid drives. Any options other than using diskutil command line stuff?
  2. mucksavage

    Time Machine not going on schedule

    Anyone else seen this? Did a clean El Cap install, deleted old time machine backups, still doesn't fire off every hour. Says Next backup at a certain time in the preference pane, but as soon as it hits - nothing happens and the counter just jumps up an hour. Can't see anything in console out of...
  3. mucksavage

    System folder hidden?

    Been fine tuning my new Clover El Capitan install (thanks TonyMac and crew!). Noticed that on two fresh installs the System folder is hidden. Is this a new El Capitan thing? I have been running El Cap on my MacBook Pro since first beta and it is visible, just curious if anyone else had seen this.
  4. mucksavage

    Never gotten Clover to work

    I have tried dozens of times on a few different machines, and I have never gotten a Clover install to work. I even have a test box for this and still I can't get it to work. I suppose it's just over my head, and while I'm pretty technical perhaps my knowledge base just isn't sufficient. I can...
  5. mucksavage

    USB Wireless adapter

    Found a USB wireless adapter that works in OSX. Tested in 10.8, but they have drivers on their site for 10.4 and up. Got it for 10 bucks on special at Newegg- (looks like it has gone up a bit since last week) Moving in temporarily...
  6. mucksavage

    Good ArsTechnica review of the Samsung 840 Looks like it's not a great successor to the 830, but for the laptop crowd it's nice. Hope they keep selling the 830 for a while longer!
  7. mucksavage


    Looking for a set of decent speakers for my file server/itunes hack. Not looking to spend a ton of money, and I'm far from an audiophile, just something that sounds decent that I can listen to while working. Looking to spend $50? or so? Anyone have any good suggestions?
  8. mucksavage

    (Success!) GA Z68AP-D3(Ua5) Mountain Lion

    Flashed GA Z68AP-D3 to the Ua5 UEFI bios. 8 gigs of ram (installed with only 4), i5 3570 3.4ghz quad, Sapphire ATI 6670 (used onboard HD 4000 for install), OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD (cloned from 320G SATA 2 drive). Had to boot Unibeast up with -x, install went smooth. Rebooted and installed...