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  1. vancaula

    High Sierra Clover Boot Loop

    Hey Everyone, I've used this hardware setup for years flawlessly and I recently tried to install High Sierra via Clover and I'm met with two issues. This is clover booting the installer with my normal routine arguments (nv_disable=1, -v). It panics after the ++++ and reboots. No arg's make a...
  2. vancaula

    [SOLVED]Aspire v3 575 various issues

    I've decided to finally take a crack at turning an old laptop into a hackintosh and so far so good but I've run into some snags and I'm wondering if anyone can give me a hand. First off, thanks so much Rehabman for all of the really intricate in-depth resources on here, you're a legend and your...
  3. vancaula

    System Hangs After Second Reboot

    This is new to me. The computer reboots and the installer shows in clover, I put my usual flags nv_disable=1 and I get this. Anyone?
  4. vancaula

    [SOLVED] All of a sudden, a prohibited sign

    I've been using the same system for years without problems. I didn't do any new updates recently either. I just turned my computer off for the night and then when I restarted it I'm given the prohibited sign. I'm using Clover UEFI and my system worked perfectly fine before restarting it. The...
  5. vancaula

    Boot Order and Options Won't Stick

    I have a dual boot system UEFI mode on both SSD's 1. Win 10 2. OS X The problem is that if I choose boot order in my bios it won't hold upon restart and starts directly into Windows 10 instead of into Clover. Also, I have about twenty five options in my boot options and only two real drives to...
  6. vancaula

    Cannot access bios with clover drive plugged in

    Something strange is going on with my system. Here's the history. My hackintosh has been a fully functional dual boot (windows/osx) system for 3 years now. A few months back I had formatted the windows drive and converted it to SSD storage. I installed a GTX 950 this afternoon and everything...
  7. vancaula

    Internal drive mounting as external. Clover

    [SOLVED]Internal drive mounting as external. Clover Interesting new issue for me. Reinstalled via clover yesterday and all worked exactly as planned until I booted up and realized my internal 2TB Western Digital HDD is listed as an external drive. I know it's a minor issue but it sort of...
  8. vancaula

    iTunes Black Screen, HDCP?? 2015??

    So now that Apple Music is out I've been trying to watch music videos on iTunes...of course the old problem comes up that iTunes video doesn't actually just sits there on a black screen, no HDCP errors. Has anyone figured this out yet? I'm using a GTX970 GPU, Gigabyte UP5TH, monitor...
  9. vancaula

    Yosemite 10.10 random freezing.

    The freeze happens at random points when I'm doing something that I deem ram intensive (streaming audio, playing video, using Ableton etc.). The entire system just freezes solid, no mouse or keyboard movement. It used to only happen when I was doing intense work on Ableton prior to Yosemite but...
  10. vancaula

    GTX 550 Ti Weird Install Issue

    I cannot seem to get ML to work with the 550Ti properly. It's strange because it works beautifully in the installer and the first boot. After that it goes to complete ****. Here's the specs: X58A UD3R Rev2 bios v.FE EVGA 550 Ti i7960 24GB ram 4TB harddrives process: 1. install...
  11. vancaula


    I've been trying to make things work for hours using tonymac method and I'm stuck. If I install 10.7.0 it works, 10.7.1 it works, 10.7.2 no dice....same settings, user DSDT and system junk. Anyone know what the deal is? Anyone else have success with ud3r rev 2? J Solved: I can't use the new...
  12. vancaula

    Bios Settings Gone

    Since I've upgraded to Lion every time I restart my bios settings are gone. Sometimes they're not gone, sometimes they are....I'm wondering what the issue is? thanks for any help.
  13. vancaula

    bluetooth adaptor custom kext

    Can anyone help me out with this? I have working bluetooth, that's good news right? problem is that it doesnt wake. I've read up on creating custom kexts but everything is a bit grey, can someone show me step by step how to do this?
  14. vancaula

    USB 3.0

    I have a x58a-ud3r-rev2 bios ff motherboard with USB 3.0. I used the DSDT for my board and I'm just wondering if USB 3 will work at usb3 speeds? Much thanks
  15. vancaula

    X58A UD3R v2 biosFF 10.7.1 NO AUDIO

    Hey guys, before you jump on me to read the forums, I have already installed the rollback HDA etc. My onboard audio does not show up in system prefs and I'm wondering why. Everything else is working as you would expect. anyone know why the audio isnt working? J
  16. vancaula

    ASUS USB BT211 on X58A UD3R Rev2

    I was told and I read that this works OOB yet it doesn't work at all. I'm up to 10.7.1 and the system is flawless (minus the tinkering to get XFX5770 working) I'm wondering if anyone has had luck using this bluetooth adaptor (BT211) on the UD3R and does anyone know how to get it working? bios...
  17. vancaula

    HD5770 Lion huge weird problems

    first off, I have two drives in my machine, one for testing, one for working. I successfully installed Lion on the test drive with an XFX HD5770 by doing this 1. following tonymacs lion instructions but had to boot into the installer drive and the lion first boot with GraphicsEnabler=No -x 2...
  18. vancaula

    (SOLVED)iPhone Problem

    Hey guys, I've had a Hackintosh up and running for about a month with zero problems. The other day out of nowhere my iPhone 3GS stopped working with the Hackintosh. I know it's not the USB ports because they all work with my external drives. I've tried my girlfriends iPhone 4 and it doesn't...
  19. vancaula

    Windows 7 CD won't catch after OS X installed.

    I've installed OS X flawlessly and it works like a charm...awesome set up!! I'm now trying to install Windows 7 from DVD and no matter what I do the DVD won't be read during boot up. I've changed my drive boot sequence and no luck. Wondering if anyone has had this problem and what can I do to...
  20. vancaula

    Ableton Live Tests

    Upon testing Ableton Live. 4.2GHz i7 960 (overclocked) 12GB DDR3 Ram @ 1300MHz 1 track with Massive (12 voices), Phaser, Flanger, Reverb, and Delay duplicated 101 times before it crashed...cpu only reading 8% incredible.