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  1. vanhaze

    [Solved] Firewire Card Syba SY-PEX30016 doesn't work..please help !

    Dear all, Have this card bought and installed on my hack, after reading several recommendations, that it would work plug&play. Problem is: it doesn't. Tried several external firewire HD's attached to the card, both FW400 and FW800 ; they are not mounted in Finder. Also not visible in Disk...
  2. vanhaze

    USB to Ethernet doesn't work at startup.

    Dear people, I have a hack with mobo GA Z68X-UD3H-B3, OSX 10.9. Cause i never got the ethernet port working, i bought a USB to ethernet adapter. This is plugged in, in an usb port, on the front of my Hack. Everytime i startup my hack, i have non working internet and thus i have to plug out and...
  3. vanhaze

    GA-X99-UD4 and OSX 10.10 : Overclocking

    Dear folks, Anyone of you has good experience with overclocking a GA-X99-UD4 ? Is there some kind of manual on how to do this properly ? Really want to try to get the maximum performance out of my hack .. :0)
  4. vanhaze

    X99 Hack and Hyperthreading.

    Dear all. I have an excellent working X99 Hack (GA X99 UD4 mob, 32 gig ram, 5930K, OSX 10.10.2, chameleon installation) However, I was wondering if my hack use hyperthreading really. Cause when i open Activity monitor - CPU during taks as unzipping or video rendering, i only see the even...
  5. vanhaze

    Disk not ejected properly message - fatal problem or ?

    Dear people, Situation: Mobo Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 (EUFI) OS 10.9.4 - 3rdparty SATA kext installed through Multibeast 6.4.2 My Hackintosh runs great but i have 1 bad problem: 1 internal SATA disk (connected to Marvell) becomes regurlarly unmounted and mounted automatically, which...
  6. vanhaze

    Working PCIE card with Firewire 800 AND eSata ??

    Dear TMers, I am looking for a PCIe card which has Firewire800 ports and a eSata port. It has to work without problems under Mavericks 10.9.2, on a GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 board (rev 1.3, EUFI Bios). Did some Googling but can't the tree though the woods so to speak. Does anyone know if such a...
  7. vanhaze

    10.9.2: No esata anymore.

    Hi, Succesfully running 10.9.2. on my HT with mobo GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 When i was on 10.8 , a drive connected on the esata connection was succesfully seen in finder and just worked. I had installed the esata kext from within Multibeast and that just worked for me. Now, again, installed the...
  8. vanhaze

    Any Audiogeek also waiting for Haswell- E ??

    Hi 2 all ! I was wondering if there is any audiogeek here in the community that works with audio for his profession and is gonna do a new HT build with Haswell-E ? Like to be in touch with such persons to swap out feature build idea's for building an ultimate audio HT. Thx in advance ...
  9. vanhaze

    Overclock gives kernel panic.. what i am doing wrong ?

    Hi 2 all, When i did a clean install of Mavericks 10.9.1, i forgot to reset my EUFI Bios settings to optimized defaults. )I am using a Gigabyte UD3H-B3 mobo.) In the Bios i had bumped up the CPU frequency to 40, instead of the default 34. Also i had disabled Turbo Boost, and all States...
  10. vanhaze

    GB UD3H-B3 EUFI with GT210 card, Mavericks install ..

    Hi 2 all, I have just made my Unibeast USB thumbdrive with Mavericks installer on it. So i want to do a CLEAN install on my Hackintosh. I searched and searched this forum but didnt find specific succes instructions concerning my specific mobo, eufi bios and graphic card. So anyone can...
  11. vanhaze

    Windows 8.1 on seperate drive, howto ??

    Hi dear people ! I have a question. Currently, i am running OS X10.8 beautifully on my Hackintosh. But i want to start to use Windows 8.1 also. I had the idea of putting an extra (SSD) drive in my HT , just for Windows 8.1 to put on. But how to install Windows 8.1 on that drive ...
  12. vanhaze

    Thoughts about disabling speedstep for DAW audio production ??

    Hi there, I recenty read an article on Presonus about optimizing cpu efficiency in DAW programs like Cubase and Studio One. It stated that speedstep should be turned off for best results cause when speedstep is enabled, performance may suffer cause off individual cores have to wait for each...
  13. vanhaze

    Eject button on keyboard doesn't work.

    Hi there, I am on Mountain Lion 10.8.0. I noticed that the EJECT key on my alumininium keyboard doesn't work; when i push it, the disk tray doesn't open. It used to work on Lion. Does anyone have a clue how to solve this ? Best,
  14. vanhaze

    Heavy demanding wish list..can you help me ?

    Hi ! I am thinking of building a new hackintosh, mostly for heavy demanding audio production. Also, i really want to buy an excellent audio interface from UAD, which is connected through Thunderbolt. Currently, i don't have TB on my mobo (GA z68-ud3h-b3), so i need a new mobo which has TB...
  15. vanhaze

    Internal HD's..confused..please help !

    Ola 2 all, Situation: ML 10.8.0. on my hackintosh Z68-UD3H-B3, F12. I have 2 internal drives (on marvell sata bus) which are visible on my desktop (grey icons, not yellow icons). However, when i look into Apple System Profile, both drives are: - Detachable: NO - Removable: YES. I...
  16. vanhaze

    Can anyone recommend a good 512 GB SSD ??

    Hi there, Looking for a internal SSD drive for in my HT. Things that i want badly: - 512 GB. - Fast - Reliable - Trim support. - Working without hassle in my HT, under mountain lion. - Price is not an issue. Can anyone give me please some recommendations ? Thx in advance !
  17. vanhaze

    Memory allocation error - deadbeat

    Hi, I started my hackintosh today and i get a "memory allocation error, deadbeat blabla.." error, during boot, before chimera comes in. Can someone please tell me what this means ? Memory dead ? Hope not ... Best, Rob.
  18. vanhaze

    z68-ud3h-b3: Gray apple screen at hd boot and unibeast boot

    Hi there, I clean-installed ML with unibeast stick-method on a SSD in my hackintosh. I already had Lion on another SSD in my hackintosh. Installation ML went well. So i rebooted from the Unibeast usb stick. That went well. Then i installed some stuff from Multibeast 5.02 (see the...
  19. vanhaze

    Audio DAW optimisation question..anyone audiogeeks here ??

    Hi there, I do mostly audio production stuff on my HT. I work with Studio One, Protools 10 and Ableton live. Now i understood that these programs are multithreaded programs, so the more cores on CPU, the more resources these programs have and the better they work. (using more plugins and...
  20. vanhaze

    Windows 7 on separate SSD after Lion - questions.

    Hi 2 all ! I have Lion 10.7.3 happily working on a SSD. Now i want to built a second SSD in my hackintosh and want to install Windows 7 on it. Now i read the Going Bald Guide for setting up multiboot systems, but i still have some concerns / questions .. 1) Can the blanc SSD for Windows 7 be...