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  1. Baltazar

    Can't reach installer - Freezes at USB copyright info

    Installing on a Dell Precision T3620 Xeon e3-1225 v5 (c236) Used Unibeast to create installer. Had a weird issue where "debug" mode was enabled on clover so clover boot was extremely slow. Disabled that but the results are the same whether clover "debug" option is on or off. All virtualization...
  2. Baltazar

    FCPX Favoring Intel Graphics instead of 980ti

    Hello, all I'm having an issue where FCPX is rendering extremely slowly. I have my Intel HD graphics working (quicksync) and my monitors connected to my 980ti. I am seeing BruceX render times of 1 minute 35 seconds+ MacX Video Converter Pro is showing hardware encoding enabled. I'm under the...
  3. Baltazar

    2009 Mac Pro w/ Dual x5690 or 8700K Build?

    Ok all, I have a great daily machine with an i5 4690K OC'd which works well for everything it does.. except it's far slower in rendering video in FCPX than my 27" 5K iMac at work (i5 processor). So I'm looking to get into a either a new build or used Mac Pro for this specific task, and sell off...
  4. Baltazar

    How do I disable Intel HD graphics in favor of Nvidia Discrete Card?

    I do a LOT of rendering in FCPX on both my CustoMac and my genuine iMac 27" with Radeon graphics.. My customac has a 980ti and it renders video VERY slow compared to my iMac. I read on a thread that FCPX might be favoring the power of the integrated Intel HD graphics from the 4690k CPU instead...
  5. Baltazar

    Should I ditch my 980ti for a RX580? FCPX/Lightroom

    Going to build a Coffee Lake system soon for High Sierra. Debating on if I should sell my 980ti and go for the RX580 since it works better with FCPX from what I hear.. thoughts?
  6. Baltazar

    [Solved] Date is showing Year; 1396 and the month as "Mehr"

    Can't change the year or enter correct month/day.. won't go past year 1396.. this happened after High Sierra update. Any ideas? EDIT:: Nevermind.. country was set to Afghanistan somehow..
  7. Baltazar

    Advice for CPU - 4K Video Editing / Adobe Lightroom

    Hello, all! So I've been using my 2015-built system, "The Diva", which I've done a build thread on here for, and I'm looking to build a new system soon. This is an odd/exciting time in the PC component world, with Kaby Lake being the most supported late-model CPU available, the very recent...
  8. Baltazar

    Kernel Panic Once a Day

    Hello all, Can someone help me in troubleshooting a kernel panic? It's happening once every day to every other day. Mon Sep 26 23:08:55 2016 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff8019a09f4a): Kernel trap at 0xffffff80198e9823, type 14=page fault, registers: CR0: 0x0000000080010033...
  9. Baltazar

    GTX980ti - Display Port - Monitor Boots to Sleep State - Must Power Off then On

    SOLVED: GTX980ti - Display Port - Monitor Boots to Sleep State - Must Power Off then On As the title states, I have a GTX980ti which is working on the latest 10.11.4 update and newest Nvidia drivers.. I have 2 monitors connected.. one is connected via HDMI and turns on with the boot of the...
  10. Baltazar

    Kernel Panic after installing USB 3.0 Generic Kext

    Installed the generic kext by rehab man just to see if my MSI z97s SLI would recognize my new 5tb external drive. Kernel panic. Used uni beast installer to get into terminal and remove the kext and touch the extensions folder. Still getting kernel Panic on boot with com.pikeralpha.driver...
  11. Baltazar

    Kernel Panic / System Restart.. Log inside

    Opened Photoshop to quick edit something.. pasted an image and the system restarted.. Log says last loaded kext was an audio one so I'm posting here.. any ideas on what caused it? Anonymous UUID: D994E0CE-6AE6-4CA9-1636-FDF7A42B8DC7 Thu Nov 26 10:36:49 2015 *** Panic Report ***...
  12. Baltazar

    [SUCCESS] MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition + 4690K + EVGA GTX 960 + El Capitan + Clover MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition + Intel Core i5 4690K + EVGA GTX 960 FTW Components MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition Motherboard