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  1. nowflex

    Web driver issue GTX 780

    So im not sure if its working because my About this Mac section sees the 780 with the 3gb of ram , the Geekbench score is 52527 which is in line with the performance of that GPU I seem to have video acceleration ( all motions are fluid ) but here are the 2 things that make me wonder if it has...
  2. nowflex

    Need help! Instant kernel panic! Wont boot up!

    Im really not sure if it would work , but lately i had the same probleme. best solution was simply trying to boot with -X in safe. it usually works and if it works , re run multibeast for Lion and it should work , once again , im probably as new as you.
  3. nowflex

    Verbose = UNKNOWN CPU ???

    I stayed up till 5 am and figured I'd try all of the bootflags, turns out it was PCIRootUID=0 -X that saved the day !! Thanks for the prompt response
  4. nowflex

    Verbose = UNKNOWN CPU ???

    hey guys im having an issue with the post install, SCREENSHOT ATTACHED I booted from my USB and installed , it said the install worked , then when it boots , it just hangs at the gray apple logo with the loading wheel. NEED HELP ! MOBO : GA-z77-DS3H CPU : 3770k RAM : Corsair vengence 16gb...