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  1. coldmac

    Logitech C920 Webcam Audio issues!

    Seems Logitech's camera setting does not support Mac OS very well, in windows version there's a setting called "right sound" which can decrease the echo. Anyone has better solution beside using a seperate mic or headphone ?
  2. coldmac

    << Solved >> Location problem with native Apple Broadcom BCM94360CS2

    I moved my machine from the corner of room to the table beside window, location problem fixed. I don't know why, but now I can get more than 3 wifi signal other than my own wifi, although I never connected them.
  3. coldmac

    Success: Coffee Lake i7-8700K - GA-Z370N-WIFI

    Hi @fontanero thank you for sharing your config settings, it works great, and I happy to get Hidpi working on my 4k monitor. But there's still a small problem for me, when I put it to sleep at night, it wakes up hourly. I checked power management in console it shows Darkwake due to RTC/sleep...
  4. coldmac

    [SOLVED] sleep=shutdown

    Thank you @itwas, your solution solved my sleep=reboot issue.
  5. coldmac

    << Solved >> Location problem with native Apple Broadcom BCM94360CS2

    Hello, I’m having maps location problem with native apple wifi card BCM94360CS2. I'm using BCM94360CS2 with M.2 adapter on my desktop hackingtosh running on 10.13.6, location service is enabled in privacy, wifi and bluetooth related functions (handoff, iMessage, continuity, airdrop, FaceTime...
  6. coldmac

    Adding/Using HiDPI custom resolutions

    Hi, just want to share that I enabled HiDPI above 1080P successfully by changing the ig-platform-id from 0x59120000 to 0x591b0000. Mobo: Z370N, i5 8500, IGPU HD630, Dell U2718Q, DP cable connection.