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  1. Pets123

    RX Vega 56 freeze 10.14.6, audio keeps playing, all unresponsive

    Hey wizards, i have searched many threads and posts on the subject and what i did was to enable headless igpu, did that, i hoped it have fixed things for the better but it still freezes. On Davinci Resolve 16 audio meters freeze and sound keeps playing and everything is unresponsive. Rebooot is...
  2. Pets123

    Do DisplayPorts Work in Mojave with RX Vega 56

    I wonder if Display Ports are working now with Mojave & Asus Rog Strix AMD rx vega 56? With HS i could get only HDMI working (DP no signal). I have 3 monitors for video editing (1xDVI, 2x hdmi & DP). Will try upgrade soon. Thanks!
  3. Pets123

    HS 10.13.6 USB 3.0 speed 480mbit only problem

    HELP! Usb connectors are working but only with speeds on usb2.0. I have now spent about 7 hours, reading the threads about this and tried all the tricks written here. Even watched YT videos. Whatever i do, no USB 3 speed. Tried different kext patches, usbinjectall.kexts, FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext...