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  1. lithetails

    Clover - Power button won't sleep the computer.

    Hi all, Recently, I've changed Chimera for Clover to get a pure UEFI environment on my computer. I did it, it was a completely success but I'm not able to sleep the computer pressing the power button as I did when I had installed Chimera as boot loader. The sleep is working because I can...
  2. lithetails

    OS X won't install after Windows 8 installation

    Hi all, I installed Windows 8 in UEFI mode. My SSD has GPT partition scheme. Right now, I've got 4 partition: - 2 partitions created by Windows installer (EFI partition and recovery) - 1 partition created in NTFS - 1 particion created in HFS+ Journaled. Now, my machine boots from...
  3. lithetails

    Chimera won't boot with Gigabyte 7870 OC Edition

    Hi all, When I boot my machine I obtain this screen when chimera/chameleon boots I'm not the only one with this problem. The way to obtain a sucessful boot is booting...
  4. lithetails

    in 10.8.3, AMD 6870 is hotter than 10.8.2

    Hi all, I upgraded my hack to 10.8.3. In 10.8.2, my 6870 reported about 42ºC in IDLE. Now, it's in 61ºC in the same conditions. Why? Is it normal? Has anyone noted this? Is there any way to come back to the same temps in 10.8.2 without downgrade? Thank you.
  5. lithetails

    Sleep sometimes works correctly

    Hi guys, I'm having an issue with sleep function. Sometimes works. Why? I don't know and I need your help for discovery the cause. If I press the power button, it comes into sleep. Here's the problem, always doesn't wake up. If I'm lucky, maybe it's woken up :( My build is working with...
  6. lithetails

    Sometimes wake up works

    Hi everyone, I'm experimenting issues with sleep function in Mountain Lion. Sleep function works fine but sometimes doesn't wake up :( The PC turn on but it doesn't respond. My build is: GA-EP45-UD3LR F11 -> Using extracted and modified DSDT from database of here. HD 6870 8 GB @ 1066...
  7. lithetails

    Chimera doesn't recognize my Windows 8 partition

    Hi all, I'm having troubles with dual boot. I've installed OS X in a 90 GB partition on my Crucial M4 and Windows 8 in the rest of disk. In first step, I installed OS X and later Windows 8. Now, I have the boot manager of Windows and boots correctly but I try boot from Chimera of my UniBeast...
  8. lithetails

    Problem with iMessage! It doesn't log in.

    Hi everyone! Yesterday, I installed a Crucial M4. Reinstalled ML on my hack: - M4 for OS X - My old barracuda for my personal directory. I created a folder in "Almacen" (second disk) with my user name and I linked the directory through System preferences on users and groups. App Store...
  9. lithetails

    DSDT of database for EP45-UD3LR Rev 1.0 not work correctly

    Hi all! I installed tonight Mac OS X Lion on this MoBo. Everything works except sleep. Anybody knows something? Thank you.