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  1. studiox

    gtx 1080ti suddenly not loading webdriver

    First: I have NOT upgraded to High Sierra. Still on Sierra. However I'm running 10.12.6 and earlier this week my hackintosh had rebooted after an "security" upgrade (i didn't want). The security updates has a really compelling name "Security Update Developer Beta 2007-001" - Yes it was...
  2. studiox

    Anyone tried eGPU with Thunderbolt 3 on Hackintosh? (Intel NUC)

    Hi, Recently I bought a Akitio Node for my 7th generation intel Nuc (Kaby Lake) mainly to use it in Windows and try it on my MacBook 2016. That has worked fine without any issues. My GPU is an old GeForce 980 Ti. However as the Intel NUC only have one DP (delivered over USB-C/Thunderbolt...
  3. studiox

    Intel Kaby Lake NUC experience on 10.12.6 (beta)

    Thanks to the following thread (RehabMan) I have managed to get my NUC7i7BNH to run Sierra, and updated to 10.12.6 with Kaby Lake support. I'd just want to share my...
  4. studiox

    Intel NUC (Kaby Lake)

    Hi, Has anyone managed to get the new Kaby Lake NUCs working with native (?) support in High Sierra? I'm not even able to install as my internal SATA drive SSD (not a nvme PCIe drive) is not show in disk util :( Using latest clover.
  5. studiox

    Bluetooth on NUC + El Capitan + ASUS BT400

    Hi, First of I'd like to say I'm a noob when it comes to Hackintosh. I've just installed my first Hackintosh this weekend and it works great. Now I'd like to try to get BT working (mainly to connect BT keyboard, mouse and my IPhone SE) - I have found could be a challenge. I decided to try the...
  6. studiox

    HDMI Audio Intel NUC (5500) working - incorrect channels

    Hi, I'm new to hackintosh, just got my i3 NUC working on El Capitan and everything is working as expected, have not made any major configuration changes at all. Audio is working both on DP, HDMI and Analogue (3.5") - However I'm not sure I'm getting the right channels. After looking at Audio...