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  1. milkfrozen

    kernel panic during start

    Hey there! After I replugged a pin on my wifi-card, I get a kernel panic during start up although I haven't changed anything in clover or in my config file. panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff8xxd56e339): Kernel trap at 0xffffff7f8ffa1e30, type 14=page Things I already tried: - Reset Bios → kernel...
  2. milkfrozen

    No 4k 60Hz

    Hello there! I'm stuck at a very strange problem. I have installed the High Sierra Beta (Public 1) and everything works fine now except one strange issue: I can't get my RX580 to output 4k at 60hz on a specific monitor (Monitor A). I've tested the same settings on a different monitor (Monitor B)...
  3. milkfrozen

    USB3.0 won't work

    Hey there! I installed the High Sierra Beta 2 (17A291j) a couple of days ago and so far almost everything works OOB (RX580, HD 530 Sleep/Wake,…). There is just one thing that won't work whatsoever. I tried multiple tutorials and kexts, but I can't get the system to show USB3.0 external Hard...
  4. milkfrozen

    Dual 4K Monitor Photo-Editing + Office "Workstation"

    Hello there! I'm currently trying to convince my dad to go for a hackintosh that I would build and set-up for him, rather than an iMac, Trashcan or even the old 2014 Mac Mini. He currently uses a 2011 Mac Mini for his daily business and recently moved from analog photography into digital photo...
  5. milkfrozen

    1st Hackintosh after 15 years of iMac and MacBook