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  1. zaptoons

    How long life time will a hackintosh have?

    I've built several hacks for others that are still going strong, the oldest from 2010. Posting this from my signature Hack- still running since 2012. I've wanted to upgrade it to a newer hack many times, but it just keeps on getting the job done for me, is rock-stable and is easily the most...
  2. zaptoons

    Custom SSD Icons

    Same thing happens on my genuine MacBook Pro under El Capitan (10.11.4) It's not a Hackintosh only thing. As long as the icons show up fine on the desktop.(And the icons still copy/paste fine even when showing blank like that.) For a while, my work 27" iMac wasn't displaying some icons even on...
  3. zaptoons

    Custom SSD Icons

    OSX stores icon information in files/drives/folders/file shares. So of course, on any Mac or instance of OSX you open it will show the same icon.
  4. zaptoons

    successful hack, Will it be reliable for professional use?

    Nice system! I've been relying on my Hackintoshes for professional use since 2008 and never looked back. (I've edited a couple hundred animated TV show episodes almost exclusively on my Hacks since then. My sig system has never had a single day of downtime.) If your machine is stable, you...
  5. zaptoons

    How much space is needed for duel booting?

    120gb is plenty for an OSX install. Even with apps installed it'll only use around 20GB. I prefer a system with a 128GB ssd as system drive/applications and scratch disk for apps like Photoshop. Then larger hard drive(s) (2 or 3TB) for file storage. I also clone my main OSX install to yet...
  6. zaptoons

    Can I use my Mac's old system drive?

    FCP 7 will run fine. I still use it exclusively. (I couldn't even do my job with FCX). I've never tried to fire up an existing install of it on a newly installed system though. I suspect it will have to be reinstalled.
  7. zaptoons

    First build - Based on Deluxe buyers guide.

    Step by step guide: search for setup threads here based on the model of motherboard. Most steps to a successful hackintosh revolve around the motherboard. Nearly the same importance is your GPU. Look for threads with people successfully setting up/using your GPU of choice.
  8. zaptoons

    What is the M/B most compatible Mavericks ? No more DSDT/SSDT/less Kext

    Mavericks running properly with no DSDT on that vintage board??? :\
  9. zaptoons

    Can I use my Mac's old system drive?

    A few different issues going on here. First, no there's no way you can directly boot from that drive on PC hardware. (Or even Intel Apple hardware). A G5 is pre-Intel so it's running PowerPC code. OS is likely Tiger 10.4, possibly Leopard 10.5. But nothing beyond that. Assuming the drive...
  10. zaptoons

    some quick questions

    550w should be fine as long as you don't plan future upgrades to much more power hungry hardware. Just stick with a quality brand that's energy effecient. OT: are you from Estonia? If so, Tere! My wife as well as many friends of mine are from there.
  11. zaptoons

    Never built a computer...

    Looks good to me. If you're planning to use that Firewire interface, make sure you get an OSX-compatible Firewire PCI or PCIe card. (Firewire 400 or 800?) There are probably some hardware suggestions around here for FW cards that work. Also keep in mind that onboard graphics are actually a...
  12. zaptoons

    Power Supply Advice

    I totally agree with don't cheap out advice. I just was wanted to note for anyone unsure, this doesn't directly translate to "you HAVE to spend $120 in order to get a high quality PSU". You certainly can, but you can also get high quality PSUs in the $60-$100 range. Many even with higher end...
  13. zaptoons

    Old Components with a New CPU/Board?

    With just a little effort cleaning thermal paste off a CPU (isopropyl alcohol and lint free cloth works best) a CPU swap is fairly easy. Basically just the slight hassle of removing the heatsink is the only problem. And if a replacement CPU is boxed, it comes with its own heatsink and thermal...
  14. zaptoons

    Old Components with a New CPU/Board?

    As long as older components are quality and the right type, should be no problem. I've upgraded my sig system several times in 5 years, but I still have my original hard drives and PSU. Case, PCI cards, USB perifs, and RAM should carry forward as well. One problem I've seen here recently...
  15. zaptoons

    Power Supply Advice

    You'll be more than fine with the 750. While 750W a bit overkill, it won't make that much real world difference. It's not like PSUs run all the time using their full rated wattage. It should just use what your system needs with that much more overhead. I do have to say this though: while the...
  16. zaptoons

    Custom SSD Icons

    WD Caviar Green 2T
  17. zaptoons

    Custom SSD Icons

    Here's a Vertex 450.
  18. zaptoons

    Will this build work with Mavericks (Z68X-UD3H-B3)?

    I have the same board, running Mavericks 10.9.1 on it pretty much flawlessly. Its a near perfect board for Hackintosh IMO. (Haven't tried 10.9.2 yet on it.) I agree with Going Bald, I would go with a Sandybridge CPU with that board. I heard of people getting boot loop problems when using...
  19. zaptoons

    Build your own hackintosh-style AirPort Express with a Raspberry Pi!

    In the video and lifehacker article they use an Edimax USB WIFI dongle. (Plus there's a list of compatible USB WIFI dongles). I have no need for this what-so-ever as I have...
  20. zaptoons

    Blueray player hardware/software

    I think MacGo is the software for Bluray on OSX. I haven't used it myself.