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  1. sillyflip

    Best OOB Graphics Card for Mavericks 10.9.1

    Hey Guys, I have a new Maverick Build. I am dual booting for gaming and i want the best graphics card out there that is compatible with Maverick & Windows. I was looking for a Titan or a GTX780 but it seems that it is not supported by Maverick yet. Any update on this? Cheers
  2. sillyflip

    Multibeast Fail to Install Anything (10.7 to 10.9.1 Update)

    Hi guys, I manage to boot in my Maverick installation via the USB-HDD. I want to run multibest to update the new version on Chimera etc. I load my DSDT and settings but the install Fails everytime. No matter what is the Kext.. 02/03/14 23:49:38 - Installing 'Drivers > Audio > Realtek...
  3. sillyflip

    Procedure needed to Dualboot OSX 10.7.3 & Win7

    I have Osx installed & working fine with Unibeast on a single HDD. I want to get another HHD and install Win7 on it so i can dualboot. How sould i proceed with this? Unplug my OSX HHD... Plug the empty disk and install Win7 Normally.... then unplug Windows HDD and plug in in slave after...
  4. sillyflip

    Interdiction Sign while booting from USB... HELP.

    Hi everyone, I am trying to build my frist hackintosh under lion. I bought the hardware for the tonymac's suggestion on November 18. I downloaded Lion on the appstore this morning and created the Unibeast thumb drive. When i boot from the usb i get to the grey screen with the apple logo and...
  5. sillyflip

    Build Advice Sought GA-Z68X-UD3H & Gigabyte HD 6870

    Hey! Thx for Gordo74 sharing his build. viewtopic.php?f=264&t=32313 I guess the build I was planning will work. Here's my list. It is my first try at this, so maybe you can tell me if something wont work with these component. Screen shot 2011-11-18 at 10.14.38.png Thx in advance!