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  1. Fed10

    ACPI Errors and Exceptions

    Hello, I'm trying to install the HighSierra but the boot stucks on the error attached. I've used an USB 2.0, IGFX with VGA monitor, I've disconnected all the peripherals and the second monitor from the RX580. The config.plist is the default one. I've tried to boot into safe mode, but it stucks...
  2. Fed10

    Check OSX Installation

    Hello, some months ago I have installed El Capitan, in dual boot with win10 on my SSD 850Evo 500GB, and after I have updated it successfully to High Sierra. After that, I've re-installed Windows on my computer, being careful not to touch the OSX Partition. In Disk management, 250GB are...
  3. Fed10

    Update and install Rx 580 driver

    Hello, I've El Capitan 10.11.6 on my hackintos (h170 pro4s, i5-6500, sapphire rx 580 - before I have had an rx 380x). Now, I'm using IGFX Intel, but I would use rx 580 because I've three monitor. Furthermore, I would want to update (if I can find benefit) to High Sierra. How can I go on...
  4. Fed10

    Grow OSX Partition

    Hello guys, I move my dual boot on a larger SSD. Now, using GParted I enlarged Windows partition, and I tried to move the unallocated left space near OS X partition. In GParted it's all right, but in El Capitan I've this situation: /dev/disk1 (internal, physical): #...
  5. Fed10

    Samsung NP450-R5E Compatibility

    Hello guys, on my desktop I've installed El Capitan, but I would want to install OS X on my laptop. It has: - i3 3rd generation (3120M) - Optimus Driver: Intel GFX and Nvidia 710M (2GB) - Wifi & Bluetooth: Intel 7260 AC Dual Channel Could I try to install osx on my laptop? Thank you :)
  6. Fed10

    Dual Boot doesn't work after cloning

    Hello guys, I've installed El Capitan and Win10 both on the same SSD (850Evo 250GB). Now, I've used Clonezilla to migrate my os' on a larger SSD (850Evo 500GB). After cloning, I'm able to both just El Capitan, and Win10 returns the error 0xc0000225. Using diskutil list there are just 4...
  7. Fed10

    Intel HD 530 problems

    Hello to everyone. I've sold my R9 380x and I've to use the osx with IGFX HD 530 (intel i5 6500). But, I've two problem, for now: - I can't set my main monitor resolution in settings. - I can't extend video to my secondary monitor. I can just replicate. I would extend video and I would want to...
  8. Fed10

    Numeric keypad doesn't work

    Hello to all, I've the CM Storm Quickfire TK keyboard and the numeric keypad doesn't work. Only arrows works, because I can't press NumLock key. Is there a way to fix it, in El Capitan? Thank you in advance :D
  9. Fed10

    Keyboard doesn't work at boot

    Hi All, i've OSX 10.11.4 and everytime I boot into OS X, at the login window, the keyboard doesn't work (mouse and other peripherals work). If I wanto to access to my account, I've to unplug and plug the keyboard and all goes well... Is there a way to fix it? Here the config.plist Thank you...
  10. Fed10

    Two Monitor Use - one with 380x and other with IGP

    Hello to all :D I'd want to use two monitor on OSX, one attached on Intel HD530 (DVI) and the other on R9 380x (HDMI). I don't have any problem (except graphical artefact with HD530). But, I'd want to rotate in portrait the monitor on HD530. When I rotate it, I've big black band on top and on...