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  1. soundsticks

    Monitor won't turn off

    I tried many way to solve the sleep/wake issues, unfortunately I still unable to solve the problem. Now the PC will go to sleep mode (i think so), but the monitor won't turn off after it sleep. Here is the pmset -g assertions And this is the wake up reason I get from syslog Any idea to...
  2. soundsticks

    Splash screen problem after wake up from sleep

    I encounter splash screen problem after wakeup from sleep. Especially the fade in/out effect are worst and graphic lagging. I did set darkwake from 0,1,2,3,4,8,10 to avoid the problem but none of this darkwake settings are working for me. Sorry posted in wrong section, please move to Sierra...
  3. soundsticks

    Panic after installed FakeSMC

    I installed FakeSMC Plugins and HWMonitor I get panic on clover boot screen. And I won't able to reinstall all the plugin/driver at MultiBeast.
  4. soundsticks

    Unable to play YouTube Videos

    Install NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext and Lilu.kext but unable to play youtube video.
  5. soundsticks

    Bootup sound problem

    I got strange sound when everytime I bootup the MacOS.
  6. soundsticks

    HD630 4k resolution lag

    Finally successful setup HD630 to 4k with 60Hz resolution but I feel laggy especially the animation fade out/in. Mouse movement also slow. Also monitor can't get any signal after the display sleep. Need to reboot I only able to get the signal.
  7. soundsticks

    Apple Wireless Keyboard Unresponsiveness

    I'm using Apple Wireless Keyboard on my current hackintosh, but lately it seems the responsiveness to movements is so slow and at time is becomes so laggy. And I'm using broadcom BCM 943602CS.
  8. soundsticks

    Backup SMBIOS information

    It is possible to backup/save the SMBIOS information, coz I need to reformat the MacOS. Everytime when I reformat the MacOS and login iCloud service it will show I need to reset my password. Also I using the serial number with UUID to fix the iMessage problem.
  9. soundsticks

    Revert previous kexts changes

    How can I revert previous kexts changes? But I didn't do the kexts backup.
  10. soundsticks

    Accidentally delete plist file

    I accidentally delete NetworkInterfaces.plist and preferences.plist, now I won't able to boot stuck at system uptime in nanoseconds. But I did a backup at Desktop how to can revert them?
  11. soundsticks

    Handoff and Airdrop not working

    I'm using Apple original BCM94360CS2 Card with M.2 NGFF Adapter. Wifi and bluetooth are working without any problem but the function like Handoff and Airdrop it doesn't work.
  12. soundsticks

    Unable to install OS stuck at Apple Logo

    I'm not able to install the OS after choose Boot Mac OS X from USB and it stuck at Apple Logo.
  13. soundsticks

    Intel 3160NGW support Hackintosh

    Hi did Intel 3160NGW support Hackintosh? This wifi card are able to use AirDrop, Continuity, iMessage and etc?
  14. soundsticks

    New to Hackintosh, need advice

    I'm new to hackintosh, i need some advice for my hardware configure.