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  1. dreikelvin


  2. dreikelvin

    Asus X99-Pro with El Capitan, booting weirdness, USB issues, built-in-Bluetooth misfunctioning

    Hi folks! I successfully installed El Capitan on my X99 based system. Here are the specs: SSD 1TB 520/540 850 EVOBasic SA3 SAM SSD 120GB 520/540 850 EVOBasic SA3 SAM D4 8GB 2666-16 BX Tact CRU CORSAIR Cooling Hydro Series H90 EVGA2GB D5 X GTX950 FTW R Intel Core i7-5930K 3500 2011-3 BOX...
  3. dreikelvin

    Random Reboots (Yosemite 10.9.5)

    Hi there, My system is an Asus X99Pro with an EVGA GTX950 graphics card and 32GB of RAM. Since recently, I've had random reboots while working in After Effects or Photoshop. Newest graphics drivers and CUDA are installed. Last week after a lot of reboots and crashes I gave it a try and...
  4. dreikelvin

    Coreaudio crashing unexpectedly

    Hey there! My Hackintosh is rebooting randomly as of late, without any warning. Before that, the Audio stops working. My error report says this: Process: coreaudiod [284] Path: /usr/sbin/coreaudiod Identifier: coreaudiod Version: 1 Code...
  5. dreikelvin

    Asus X99 Pro - Audio not working

    Hi friends, A couple of weeks ago I made my second build, a hackintosh using an amazing Asus X99 Pro board, paired with an Evga card with NVIDIA GTX950 graphics. The audio is now fixed using the VoodooHDA standard driver, but still, I am reading so many posts about people having been able to...
  6. dreikelvin

    Asus X99 Pro + Intel Core i7-5930K + GTX950 + Mavericks Installer into Black Screen - Please Help!

    Hi there, I've decided to give it another try and build a completely new hackintosh with the following specs: + 2 x Samsung SSD 120GB 520/540 850 EVOBasic + Samsung SSD 1TB 520/540 850 EVOBasic + 4x Ram D4 8GB 2666-16 + CORSAIR Cooling Hydro Series H90 + Graphics EVGA2GB D5 X GTX950 FTW...
  7. dreikelvin

    Install Snow Leopard on Macpro1,1 with ATI RADEON HD 5770 1GB GDDR5

    hi there, I want to sell my old macpro 1,1 and ran into the problem of replacing the aged hard drive. now I have to reinstall snow leopard but when I try to boot up, I don't see anything. is there anything I can do about that (other than having to use an old apple-licensed graphics adapter)...
  8. dreikelvin

    Asus Sabertooth X79 and GeForce 670 DSDT

    hi there, ok so I am totally new to this hackintosh stuff and I am building a new workstation as a replacement for my 6 year old macpro. my next step is Multibeast in order to be able to boot automously without the iBoot CD. I already found a thread that apparently offers DSDT files for...