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  1. sitronik

    [Solved] Asus Z370-I does not wake up after sleep

    Thank you very much :clap::thumbup: I had the same problem:)
  2. sitronik

    Catalina on Samsung PCIe SSD, very slow boot time and overall slow hackintosh

    I have the same problem, did you get it to speed up?
  3. sitronik

    gibMacOS Tutorial ~ How to Download macOS Directly from Apple

    Thanks guys, good work! :clap::thumbup:
  4. sitronik

    Problem installation Catalina Asus Z390-F 2 minutes remaining

    I have the same problem, did you manage to solve it?
  5. sitronik

    [Solved] Prohibited Sign After apfs_module_start

    I had the same problem usb 3.1 solved