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  1. dxmorgan

    Can't boot Clover from Marvel controller. Can you help me please?

    hello everyone! I have a problem. my motherboard only has SATA 2 ports. If I want to use SATA 3 I have to plug the SSD in the Marvel controller port. the chipset is 88SE9123 and I can see it in system report cause I have already installed AHCI_3rdParty_SATA.kext from multibeast. this is what I...
  2. dxmorgan

    No bluetooth with BCM94352HMB

    Good evening, i have one problem. i have this card: BCM94352HMB i can enable wifi with toledaARPT.kext but i can't enable bluetooth. i installed BrcmPatchRAM from here: but still nothing. Vendor ID: 14E4 Device ID: 43B1 under...
  3. dxmorgan

    safari download freeze everything

    safari freeze everything hi! this is the problem, el capitan is very fast on my laptop and i can use safari to surf the web. the problem is when i download a file 'cause it freeze everything and i'm forced to restart my laptop. any ideas why? edit: ok, now it freeze everything only...
  4. dxmorgan

    [solved] Can't use mouse and keyboard with clover

    Hi everyone, the is my problem. i have the HP dv7 6154ea. 6 series board I tried to install El Capitan directly from the laptop but any USB port not working. Then I attached the internal memory of the laptop to another hackintosh and I installed El Capitan and then the drivers necessary to...
  5. dxmorgan

    HP dv7 6154ea HD3000 no QE/CI problem

    Good evening, i have a problem. i use chimera as bootloader. I followed the RehabMan' guide to patch the dsdt. I added high graphics HD3000 and after i restart the PC everything worked perfectly. this afternoon I replaced the intel wifi card with Atheros ar5b95 one and after installing the...
  6. dxmorgan

    Installer freeze with an error " cannot extract package "mediafiles.pkg"

    Good evening, I can't install Yosemite!!! I can boot in the installer with -v graphicsenabler=yes but after 7 minutes it freezes and shows: "an error occurred while extracting files from the package "mediafiles.pkg"". I'm doing a fresh install. What can I do? Please help me!
  7. dxmorgan

    asus gt430 or HD 5770?

    hello everyone! at this time i mount a asus gt430 1GB DDR3. this is not fully supported, and I thought to buy a HD 5770 1GB DDR5. What do you think? this would be fully supported? my system: 10.8.2 ML Asus P7H55-m usb3 i5-661 3.33GHz thank you all!
  8. dxmorgan

    New DSDT for ASUS P7H55-M USB3?

    Hey,there is still only the dsdt for the version 0901. when it comes to the latest bios 1105? thanks a lot
  9. dxmorgan

    asus (nvidia) gt430 Mountain Lion 10.8.1 and white screen

    Hello everyone! I write here 'cause i think my problem depends on the compatibility video. As I wrote I have a asus gt430. The problem is that the first few times I try to turn on the computer after checking the loading of all drivers, starting with boot flag -v, it stucks on a white screen and...
  10. dxmorgan

    Problem with Xcode install (disk error and other stuff)

    Hello everyone! I have a problem with Xcode. I installed Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and it works very well, unfortunately when i install Xcode 4, the computer slows down excessively. if I cancel everything, everything returns to normal. Obviously startup is slow and putting in verbose mode I noticed...
  11. dxmorgan

    [SOLVED] App store problem!!!

    Hello everyone! I installed on my pc OSx Snow Leopard 10.6.8 (I had install lion, but with my components, Snow Leopard seems more stable) , thanks to your wonderful guidance, for which I will never stop to thank you. Everything works perfectly, both audio and video. I only have one problem. not...