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  1. Yomo42

    No new 7,1 Mac Pro for sale until 2020 ?

    Apple's main focus is on the iPhone, with iPads next in line, then macs, then MacBooks and mac minis. I remember my dad wanted a new mac, and he was going to get a Mac mini, but then realized he shouldn't because the hardware hadn't been updated since 2013. Sure enough, a month after he dropped...
  2. Yomo42

    How to Dim iMac Screen Beyond Defaults?

    Thanks. I wasn't quite sure where to put this.
  3. Yomo42

    How to Dim iMac Screen Beyond Defaults?

    For starters, I don't have a hackintosh, just an early 2008, 24-inch iMac running El Capitan 10.11.6 I know this is a forum for hackintoshes, but I haven't found any other place on the web that seems to have the knowledge necessary to help me, so please hear me out. Somebody vaguely mentioned...