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  1. LilRamenCHS

    G4 Quicksilver conversion to 2019 PowerMac i9 with LED Logo in Space Grey (Updated)

    Bet the Mac Pro is jealous of how this turned out. Apple needs to hire you fr
  2. LilRamenCHS

    HP Pavilion Hackintosh

    Yeah when I got my brother his PC and upgraded it (Dell Optiplex 9020) I had to get a 24 pin to 8 pin so I've prepared to have to do that
  3. LilRamenCHS

    HP Pavilion Hackintosh

    Hey! So in a few weeks i'm getting a HP Pavilion from my dad, so instead of buying an iMac in a few months i've been thinking of keeping it as my daily driver for a while. < That's the HP support page for the PC. The upgrades i'd do to it is a new...