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  1. jb11381

    Can't download public beta

    Anyone else not able to download Monterey?
  2. jb11381

    Need help fixing RTC

    Need some help fixing RTC. I followed the OC guide here but it looks like I may have random write issues. I split the regions from 00-80 and 80-FF, got a safe mode message on 80-FF but not on 00-80, so the bad region should be within 00-7F. Broke that down further and further until I had it...
  3. jb11381

    OpenCore 0.0.0???

    Hello, I am using a H370-i board with i5-8400 Coffelake CPU and RX-580 GPU, currently on 10.15.5 thanks to @ModMike 's excellent TEWB thread and the knowledge and patience of @Leesureone Everything I need it for works, and it it is stable enough to be a daily machine. I got a little bored and...
  4. jb11381

    << Solved >> OpenCore & DRM Apple TV

    I have had a (mostly) working hack for a while now. I had most of the things I use daily working with no real issues. Took the plunge to upgrade from Mojave to Catalina and everything went smoothly. Recently, I switched from Clover to OpenCore and I'm loving it so far. Made some changes such as...