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  1. dm5n

    HEVC Decoding settings for AMD RX 560

    HEVC playback is jittery for videos >2GB on my AMD Radeon. I'm using WEG and Lilu kexts. Any clues about how to fix this?
  2. dm5n

    Black Screen on Mojave 10.14.3 update with RX560

    Getting a black screen on Mojave 10.14.3 update from 10.14.2, using AMD RX560 card. Using latest Lilu and WhateverGreen kexts in EFI. Have tried booting from installer usb but same result - Apple logo and progress bar appear, continues for a few minutes then black screen.
  3. dm5n

    Metal GPU for Dell T3500

    Hi, I'm running OS X 10.13.6 on a Dell T3500 and would like to upgrade to a Metal compatible GPU that supports OS X 10.14. My budget is up to $300 AUD. So far I've found that AMD RX560 seems compatible. Current specs: Mainboard Processor Socket:LGA1366 Socket Chipset Type: Intel X58 Express...
  4. dm5n

    [Solved] Restore Clover EFI partition from backup

    After updating Clover v3994 I got CMOS issues - BIOS resets after restarting. This issue - seemingly on older hardware - has been reported by myself and others on the Clover developer forums. I tried downgrading to prior version of Clover from archives - and I removed and later restored a kext...
  5. dm5n

    USB keyboard and mouse dropping out

    Reporting a frequent pattern of usb keyboard and mouse becoming unresponsive - since updating to Sierra. Temporarily fixed by unplugging and replugging. Could it be a Clover config.plist issue?
  6. dm5n

    New 40" Monitor Compatibility?

    Hi, is this monitor compatible with hackintosh? The ebay seller says it's not suitable for laptops or Macs... Cheers
  7. dm5n

    Creating a Clover test usb on working 10.9.3 Chameleon install

    The Clover team advise to test Clover using a usb bootloader. The problem is there's lots of info for UEFI and LegacyBIOS but no guide for older BIOS only systems. Others have got Clover working on older BIOS-based Dell systems I've created a Clover bootloader usb as per Clover wiki. But on...