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  1. jean512

    Create a bootable windows 10 iso on USB key

    Hello, I know the best way to create a bootable Windows 10 USB key on MacOS is with the bootcamp utility. However when I start Bootcamp Assistant it tells me to eject all external storage device... So I can't use bootcamp assistant for my USB key. Have you the same issue ? and what is the...
  2. jean512

    [Closed] Black screen with HD 4000

    Hello, It has been some days I'm trying to Hackintosh the NP530U3C. The main issue is the HD 4000. I have read all Hackintosh basics guide and FAQ here. I don't know what to try know, I'm still stuck with the graphics. :( Issue : I can install and boot Mojave but the laptop screen is black. It...
  3. jean512

    A cheap ultrabook ?

    hello, I'm gonna give up with my samsung laptop and his HD4000 impossible to make it working... I'm looking for a cheap ultraportable, 13/14" with 1920x1080 screen. I can buy on aliexpress if needed. Any advise ? thank you
  4. jean512

    Reboot when installing Mojave

    Hello, When I launch the installation with High Sierra or Mojave, the laptop reboot after 15 sec and I got only this debug : Here is my config : Samsung 13" NP530U3C-A01FR Core i5 3317u Intel HD 4000 8Go RAM SSD 128Go Internal SSD 20Go (memory on the mainboard) I spent hours and still not...
  5. jean512

    New Intel NUC NUC8i7BEH compatibily

    Hello, Intel is about to release three new NUC with great hardware ;) Here is the NUC8i7BEH, most performant version with intel core i7. Hardware : CPU : Intel i7-8559U, 4c/8t, base 2.7Ghz, turbo 4.5Ghz, 28w TDP. (same CPU as the MBP 2018) Graphic : intel Iris plus 655 with 128 eDRAM. (same...
  6. jean512

    Error on installation, halt sign

    Hello, It's my first hackintosh install. I set my bios as recommended, the installation is working until it reach 50% and crashed. The Apple logo turns into an Halt/Stop sign. Then I have to force shut down the pc and the "EFI" partition on my USB key is missing so I have to re-make it every...