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  1. dracon

    MultiBeast 9.2 has wrong USB port limit patch

    It appears that MultiBeast 9.2 has the wrong port limit patch for the 200 series chipset. The patch is for 10.11.x instead of 10.12.x. Confused the hell out of me when I was trying to find all my USB ports for building a custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.
  2. dracon

    Configuration Help Requested!

    I'm hoping to get a couple of our experts to look over my configuration and see if I'm missing anything here as I'm working on a new build and going though all of the guides to get all the various things setup (USB, Audio, HDMI Audio, IGPU, XCPM, etc). I have a Z270X-UD5 motherboard with i7700k...
  3. dracon

    ALC889 headphone detection not working

    I'm building a machine for my wife and resurrecting one of my own X58A-UD3R boards with the ALC889 chipset onboard. I got everything working audio-wise using Toleda's cloverALC scripts and audio from the back and front ports is working, however, headphone detection doesn't seem to be working...