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  1. kumaradevan_c

    BigSur Booting Error RT .GV wake failure

    Hi, I'm trying to do fresh install of BigSur on My Dell Inspiron 7537. Using Clover EFI Bootloader to create the bootable USB. But as soon I select the install volume from boot screen getting Error as shown in the screenshot. What am I doing wrong here.
  2. kumaradevan_c

    Screen Flickering and graphics distortion on HD4400

    Hi all, I have successfully installed High Sierra on my Dell Inspiron 7537 having intel HD4400. But using certain apps like Chrome or Intellij I'm seeing screen flickering and distorting in graphics particularly on images. Have attached few images. Anyone can you please help. Also attached...
  3. kumaradevan_c

    [solved] Touch screen not working after installing XHCIMux.kext

    Hi I installed XHCIMux kext to extend USB support but unfortunately after installing XHCIMux kext touch screen is not working any more. What could be the issue and how to resolve the same
  4. kumaradevan_c

    [solved] After patching ALC283 showing only Headphones in output

    Hi, I tried patching AppleHDA with CloverALC for ALC283. after patching I could only see headphones alone in audio options Any help appreciate Thanks in advance
  5. kumaradevan_c

    ACPI error while booting on Dell 760

    hi all, I'm trying to install Sierra on a old Dell 760 (just experimenting) When I tried to boot getting ACPI error as shown below in the attached picture ACPI Error: [PCI0.ISA_.P40c] Namespace lookup failure ACPI Exception: AE_NOT_FOUND, .....
  6. kumaradevan_c

    [solved] No brightness slider in display preference

    Hi, I have almost everything got working but only the brightness is not working. Tried applying brightness fix in SSDT but still no luck. I'm not even seeing brightness slider in display preference pane. Attaching screen shot and my patched DSDT and SSDT.
  7. kumaradevan_c

    DSDT error after disassembly - Help Needed Dell 7537

    hi I extracted the DSDT by pressing F4 in startup. Then disassembled the AML files with command iasl -da -dl *.aml But when I open DSDT.dsl file in MaciASL app I see below errors. Tried couple of fixes but it causing errors in other places if I fix these. Can someone please help me to fix...