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  1. zeltacom

    MLion Won't Download

    After purchasing ML from the app store, the icon on the Mac states that it is downloading (even in the mac store) but the progress bar doesn't move. After rebooting, I try to sign in to download ML and it states that an unknown error occurred. My ID works with iTunes and everything else and...
  2. zeltacom

    Stability Issues

    Hi everyone. I'm running 10.7.2 and I have these features installed (see pic) but I have had a few programs stall/ or be unresponsive. For one, the activity monitor. It took a long time just to get a system overview. Can you please check my list selection to see if I have all the items...
  3. zeltacom

    What's Wrong With This Picture???

    After booting up with unibeast, my USB speaker blew the house down. It was then and there that I realize I have a fully working hack - audio, booting, graphics, sata drives and Internet. So why do we need to add a specific DSDT??? My build is working fine without it! Wouldn't it just be...
  4. zeltacom

    Stuck on my account

    After rebooting from a unibeast install, I select my keyboard, bypass registration and I'm forced to setup a computer account (10.7.2). After selecting continue, I'm sent back to the keyboard screen again to start over. Please help. Thank you
  5. zeltacom

    MultiBeast Info

    Q1: If you need to run MultiBeast a second time to add a new feature, do you need to recheck all of the settings you had on your first run or can you do selective installs? Q2: How do you revert to the original Apple kexts? Thanks
  6. zeltacom

    Resolved: Build won't start

    Hello - didn't know where else to post this but I shut down my PC/Mac unit last night using os, clicked the switch this morning - wouldn't start. Mb light is on, tried diff p/s, diff switch but no luck. There's no fan or any activity when turned on. I replugged everything. No luck. If I use a...
  7. zeltacom

    No Resources on Desktop

    Board: z68X UD3H-B3 Rev 1.3 bios F10 L10.7.2 I noticed that when I insert a USB or CD, these icons do not appear on the desktop. What settings should I enable to have these appear on my desktop? Thank you.
  8. zeltacom

    Which 32GB RAM will work with GIgabyte GA-Z68X UD3H-B3?

    I got Corsair cmp32x3m4x1600c10 but it didn't fly with rev 1.3 Any thoughts? Windows didn't like it. Thanks
  9. zeltacom

    Lion boots windows won't

    Lion works but when I swap hd-win7 it won't boot. I removed (32gb) 3 modules and it booted fine. I'm using corsair 32gx3m4x1600c10 dominator because they said it was specific to z68 systems. I might have a bad chip... But just in case it's not... Anyone recommend a 32gb 1600 chip that works...
  10. zeltacom

    This is crazy!!!

    After installing w/unibeast on ga-z68ud3h.b3 everything works out of the box except audio and hd not bootable. Is it such a hard thing to move the USB boot data to hd to make it bootable? Using multibeast and the dsdt f10 userdst setting and 64bit boot screen - actually broke the network...
  11. zeltacom

    Formatting for OSX

    I have a NTFS drive... how do I format it to install OSX? Thanks.
  12. zeltacom


    Any ideas?
  13. zeltacom

    High end video cards???

    I would like to get this card... SAPPHIRE 100315-2GL Radeon HD 6850 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 but I don't see any working builds @ 2GBs or more... or any card w/ 2GB that will work... ideas? Thanks ... 6814102959