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  1. muk546

    Issue with z370 Mojave hackintoish (kernel panic upon boot)

    So I have a DSDT and I've done port injection SSDT to fix sleep and USB issues. Specs: Gigabyte Z370 HD3P | i5 8600K | RX 580 8GB | 16gb ram But sometimes my hack panics on start up and takes two or three tries to start up. Looking at the log my best guess is Mac OS doesn't like the state...
  2. muk546

    Hp laptop wifi card whitelist quick question

    So this is the service manual's ( list of wifi cards: It seems my only option is: 593127-001 which is only 150mb/s is that correct? This card still works in High Sierra right? Thank you!
  3. muk546

    (Success) Gigabyte Z370 HD3P i5 8600k GTX 960 Coffee Lake!!!

    muk546's Coffee Lake Build: Gigabyte Z370-HD3P - i5-8600K - GTX 960 Ti Components Gigabyte Z370-HD3P LGA 1151 ATX Intel Motherboard Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 16GB 2 x...
  4. muk546

    Nvidia Web Drivers High Sierra (my solution)

    I had quite a bit of trouble getting the web drivers to work this time around heres what I ultimately had to do: Install web drivers (lastest version here) Install all three of these helper kexts (you may not need them all I need the ones in bold because I'm using system definition 12,2 so...
  5. muk546

    Still wait for root device (my solution)

    As many of you noticed with older builds like my sandy bridge h67m-d2-b3 board the intel 6 series (and others) have a problem in High Sierra with SATA support this can be "fixed" by using the Sierra (10.12.6) AppleAHCIPort.kext then SATA works fine but you need to install it to S/L/E and not via...
  6. muk546

    GA-H67M-D2-B3 Sierra Guide!!! (UP TO DATE)

    So there was no guides online for this board past maybe Yosemite. I'm gonna write what I did to get mine working on the latest OS 10.12.2 This is a quick & dirty guide to help anyone with this older board out. I don't have time to add lots of pictures. You'll need to read and if you don't...
  7. muk546

    Major Sleep issue after Sierra update

    I really am at a loss this has been a dependable OS X box for years (10.7-10.11), The latest Sierra caused me all sorts of grief (usb issues, video issues, etc). I've managed to resolve all but one: SLEEP. When I put my system to sleep it wakes up fine if (and only if) I'm using the right dark...
  8. muk546

    iMac G4 20in NUC mod - CelestialTower

    Hi, I know theres a few of theses here on the site but I've had this iMac for months and now that my university is out I finally have time to do this! This mod is INCOMPLETE however I've made progress and I'm waiting on one more part to come in (12v to 24v dc-dc step up) it should be here...
  9. muk546

    Portential Cheap Sandy Bridge Core i3 build/ GPU help?!

    Comes to around $500-$550 Mother Board- ... 02415&SID= GPU- ... -_-Product CPU- ... 02415&SID= other parts (that don't matter)...