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  1. khemist92

    10.8.3: AMD Radeon HD 7xxx Graphics Testing Thread

    I just managed to get my HD 7870 running but got some weird screen stretch thingy. Any ideas?
  2. khemist92

    AMD RADEON HD 7870 Support

    The drivers are there with the 10.8.3 being out now. You can actually get them work (check the recent articles) but it needs either an integrated graphics card or an already supported one to get through the installation process. So yeah... the only obstacle between us and a "smooth" install is...
  3. khemist92

    AMD Radeon HD 7xxx Graphics Support in OS X 10.8.3

    Article: AMD Radeon HD 7xxx Graphics Support in OS X 10.8.3 Will we ever be able to do this without using an integrated / secondary video card? I'm currently short on backup video cards but it would be nice running OSX on my HD 7870. :) Cheers!
  4. khemist92

    mach_kernel error

    Hey guys! I recently came across a problem. You see, I applied the 1.7.3 update today, and I'm getting mach_kernel error when i try to boot without the iBoot disk. I've done some digging around and i found out that this problem can be caused by the missmaches in the disk indexes. Since chameleon...
  5. khemist92

    Some help before I even i look at OSX

    Hello everyone. Im kinda new here so my straightforward question is: with my system specs, does it even worth trying to install OSX? I heard that it doesnt support a lot of motherboards and such things yet. Thank you in advance! ps.: Sorry if this is the wrong place to post questions like this...