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  1. Grauchi

    Unable to install Windows 10.

    Exactly this. Now I am even embarrassed of the time I spent trying to solve this sh*t. Thanks man.
  2. Grauchi

    iCloud re-login every 15-60 minutes

    Thank you for your answer. Just checked, no problem. I have restarted two times now and no error. I am also checking NVRAM.
  3. Grauchi

    iCloud re-login every 15-60 minutes

    So do we assume re-logging every 1-2 boots in Mojave is normal? It started happening to me a while ago, after months (over a year I think) of no problems.
  4. Grauchi

    Weird resolution change when booting with auto login

    Small bump, for science's shake
  5. Grauchi

    << Solved >> Weird resolution UHD630

    Happy to hear that!
  6. Grauchi

    << Solved >> Weird resolution UHD630

    I know it sounds obvious but...have you tried re-adjusting from your screen? Like auto-adjust to the source? I had one similar problem once and that wasn't the first thing I tried...Sometimes we search for way more complicated solutions.
  7. Grauchi

    Weird resolution change when booting with auto login

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to solve this for days now and I surrender. I feel like I have read everything I can understand. I have a dual screen setup, both with different resolutions (one is 1920x1080 connected through a DP-VGA adapter) and the other one is 1280x1024 connected through DVI)...
  8. Grauchi

    El Capitan no USB 3.0 after Multibeast

    I am exactly on the same page. It's SO annoying that it works before applying MultiBeast...
  9. Grauchi

    OS X 10.11.4 Update

    Hi guys, I am currently finishing my update from a rock-solid stable Mountain Lion hackintosh to a new Windows 10 / El Capitan dual boot. I am writing my little guide as a contribution when I am done. This is my problem: when I first install El Capitan from the USB EVERYTHING is perfectly...
  10. Grauchi

    Dual Boot OSX El Capitan + Mavericks (chamaleon bootloader)

    Yeah, I'm very interested, too
  11. Grauchi

    Grey screen w/cursor after CalDigit USB 3 MultiBeast install

    Thank you for the info. I just erased Caldigit kexts from terminal in my Unibeast USB. Lacie kexts did nothing to me. Cheers!
  12. Grauchi

    USB 3 Not working

    So...there's nothing else to do, right?I've been searching and it seems that the only way of using USB3 ports with USB2 devices is through an external USB3, doesn't it? Or any news I've missed?
  13. Grauchi

    boot0 Error: The Official Guide

    Another one here who had success with method 1. Thanks!