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  1. mo2513

    Clover Stuck

    So i installed windows and sierra yesterday and everything was fine. Then i updated windows and clover now gets stuck at scan entries please help
  2. mo2513

    Multibeast won't install clover

    It just says failure when ever I try to install anything Multibeast.log: 11/28/16 17:33:26 - Starting MultiBeast 9.0.1-20161010 11/28/16 17:34:09 - Installing 'Bootloaders > Clover v2.3k r3766 UEFI Boot Mode' 11/28/16 17:34:12 - Install of 'Clover_v2.3k_r3766-UEFI.pkg' failed. 'installer...
  3. mo2513

    MultiBeast Failure.

    I need to use MultiBeast to install Clover, but every time I try to install anything using MultiBeast it just says failed.
  4. mo2513

    GTX 980 OSX El Capitan

    Hello guys i just installed my first Dual Boot Mac and everything went Fine but the fact that the os can't detect my GPU and says i only have 7 MB Vram. I have already tried putting the Inject Nvidia false in the config.plist but it docent help and i also have GraphicsEnabler=No and that didn't...