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  1. hackbuilder

    P55A-UD4P Success but CMOS Reset on Sleep

    Same issue: GA-Z68XP-UD3... Tried adding the patched AppleRTC but no luck.
  2. hackbuilder

    Eject Button in ML

    Seeing the same exact thing, and working from the menu bar eject button. Anyone have any clues?
  3. hackbuilder

    Adding an SSD to Current Build

    Just a single administrator account. Would you recommend otherwise? I transferred all my files to the Hackintosh with Migration Assistant from my Mac, and everything worked fine after running MultiBeast. Also, for SuperDuper or CCC, would I just select all files on the hard drive, minus the...
  4. hackbuilder

    Adding an SSD to Current Build

    Hi All, So I've got a pretty sweet Hack up and running flawlessly, with an OC'ed 2600k. It's quite similar to Ubermick's "Golden" Yeti. At the moment, I have a 2TB Seagate drive split between OS X and Windows (yeah, I know :oops: ), but all is working. However, I'd like to move the OSX...