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  1. AppleMacIdiot

    New Apple Silicon Macs: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini

    I’ve been skeptical of this transition, but I understand exactly why and what Apple are trying to do with this move and it’s probably the right call. Having said that, and having used Mac products since the 80s, I’d warn anyone thinking of migrating to the new silicon against it. These...
  2. AppleMacIdiot

    Power Mac G4 Hackintosh + Case Mod

    There are a few pinouts floating around the internet (and this site?). I have the same part. I remember using a method a long time ago that cut the PCB and rerouted the connections for the power, reset and LED. Wasn’t very elegant, but got the job done. I bought a replacement panel on eBay a...
  3. AppleMacIdiot

    Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - AppleMacIdiot's G5 Mod

    Hi! Thanks for the compliment. It really means a lot. I’ll see if I can find the original drawings I did. If I remember, there were some technical and logistical reasons for not sharing it originally. Once I remember exactly what those were, I’ll message you if you are still interested.
  4. AppleMacIdiot

    Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - AppleMacIdiot's G5 Mod

    Wow! Thanks for the very kind words! I’ve been absent from here for a little while. I was a regular lurker, but have been working on other projects, obsessions, life and such. I actually feel pretty guilty, because I did a bunch more work on this thing, got it up and running, and then put it...
  5. AppleMacIdiot

    Hp pavilion dv6 can't reach the installer.

    Hi! Sorry, i’ve been away for a while. What do need help with on your installation? You can definitely boot both Windows 10 and Mojave, but it is much easier and safer if you have two separate HDDs. One for each OS. I removed my Optical Drive and bought one of those internal optical drive to...
  6. AppleMacIdiot

    Hp pavilion dv6 can't reach the installer.

    Anytime! Shubham17 did all the heavy lifting on that, but I have a very similar laptop to yours and have most things working really well, so if you need help with anything specific, just let me know. Right now the only things not working on my old HP DV6 6080 are my SDHC card reader (i’m...
  7. AppleMacIdiot

    Hp pavilion dv6 can't reach the installer.

    +1 on changing your SMBIOS to a different model. Even with -no_compat_check enabled, you are almost certainly going to run into more compatibility issues later with that SMBIOS. I'm currently running and tweaking Mojave 10.14.0 on my HP Pavilion DV6 6080, which is very similar and have not...
  8. AppleMacIdiot

    Which case fan to choose for this build?

    Noctua do some great performing and good looking grey fans that work very well with the color scheme of the G5 case. I’m quite partial to the NZXT Aer F 120 with grey trim as it picks up the black of my other components while performing well too.
  9. AppleMacIdiot

    I need help Tool size required to disassemble G5 cpu?

    I’m pretty sure that a long handle 2.5mm or 3mm hex driver will get those deep screws out. I think the exact screw is a T10. I used a long handle 3mm Elkind t-handle on my MacPro and think it is the same for the older G5 too. There’s a discussion about it here...
  10. AppleMacIdiot

    PowerMac G5 Case Modding Project - mATX & ATX Conversion - Barebones - Mac Pro Alternative

    :clap::clap::clap: Well done, indeed! Looks like you have just enough PC cases for the rest of your life :cool:
  11. AppleMacIdiot

    Name the Next macOS (10.14)

    macOS Miramar... Highway to the Danger Zone!
  12. AppleMacIdiot

    First G5 Build and Vinyl Wrap

    Dude! This looks great! That look of pure joy on your face while testing your display says it all. So glad you found a decent GTX 1080! I’ve resigned myself to my old card for at least another year, unless those darn prices return to something vaguely normal again.
  13. AppleMacIdiot

    First G5 Build and Vinyl Wrap

    That stuff should do nicely. I have something very similar in two of my HP Microservers and those have almost no dust in them after nearly two years. I have three dogs and live in Arizona so I have serious dust! Was eyeing some 800 micron steel micro mesh at a biodiesel supply company recently...
  14. AppleMacIdiot

    First G5 Build and Vinyl Wrap

    Looking good! Keep up the good work. I’m taking another look at my ol’ build later this month. Time for some tweaks, edits, cable cleanup, and a good old dust out! GPU prices are stupid right now, so there’s not point in a hardware upgrade just yet, so might as well take care of the outside :-)
  15. AppleMacIdiot

    Power Mac G4 Hackintosh + Case Mod

    Looking good so far, Perkla! Unfortunately, achieving a good and clean airflow in these cases short of some serious cutting and modding can be notoriously tricky, especially with the newer PSU 120mm fan configurations that suck in air from the side, instead of directly blowing it out the back...
  16. AppleMacIdiot

    Charlee's first G5 hack (edited to show pics)

    I bought two of these back in 2015 to convert two LG IDE DVD burners I had lying around to work in SATA only computers. One is sitting in my old HP MicroServer, that used to occasionally run OS X Server, and one in my old G5...
  17. AppleMacIdiot

    Rear usb plastic trim

    I have a box somewhere with all the trimmings, offcuts and bits 'n' bobs from my old G5 mod. Let me take a look and see if that part survived the ordeal. Are you just looking for the plastic piece and are you in the US?
  18. AppleMacIdiot

    [Completed] G4 Case Hack: Maca-chu

    Hi Fil and Miki, Exciting stuff! My old G4 case was my first hackintosh mod too. I learned a lot and made my fair share of mistakes, but it was well worth it and a great first hackintosh project to start with. Do you know exactly which model G4 you are getting yet? The only problem I can see...
  19. AppleMacIdiot

    Powermac g5 power connector question

    Looks good to me. As long as the Green goes to the ground, you're good to go without any explosions. AC plug wiring is exactly the same for EU, just the color identifying the wires are different. The Green/Yellow wire always goes to ground, with the Blue wire on the left and Brown on the right...
  20. AppleMacIdiot

    Figuring cooling needs on PMac Graphite case?

    Welcome to the forums! My G4 hack has been out of commission for a while now (parts are living in an old G5 tower), but I used to use an Antec Earthwatts 380w PSU with a 80mm rear fan similar to this one... The green case looks a bit...